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Przepis na lody (zmyślony ale po angielsku)

Ingredients: 0,5 l whipped cream 2 eggs 100 g sugar banan pear Procedure: 1. mix the whippet cream with sugar and eggs 2. next put it to freezer for 2 hours 3. peel the banana and pear 4. cut them into pieces 5. take out from...


First letter to a penfriend

September 2004 Dear Jane, I'm very pleased that we're going to be penfriends. It’s wonderful to have someone with whom I can share my opinions and experiences. In this first letter, I'll write a few words about myself and it would be great...


Speaking test part 1

To sa tematy o ktore moze cie zapytac egzaminator na FCE. Na kazdy z nich musisz nawijac ok 1 minuty. Na szczescie pytaja tylko o jeden z nich no ale trzeba umiec gadac na kazdy wiec zamieszczam takze moje odpowiedzi na kazdy z tych tematow. Prace...


A nightmare journey

It was a beautiful summer day. My friends and I decided to spend a weekend in my grandparents’ cottage in Słona. My friend Marcin borrowed a car from his father and we set off towards Wojnicz. After some time we realized that the car was running...


Słówka - dom (house)

apartment- apartament bedsitter/bedsit- kawalerka block of flats- blok mieszkaniowy bungalow- dom parterowy cottage- domek wiejski detached house- dom wolnostojący farmhouse- dom w gospodarstwie rolnym flat- mieszkanie semi-detached house-...


Tłumaczenie wiersza na angielski

If I could save time in a bottle the first thing that I'd like to do is to save every day 'til eternity passes away just to spend them with you Jeśli mogłabym zamknąć czas w butelce Pierwszą rzeczą, którą pragnęłabym zrobić Byłoby...


Stereotypes of Polish nation

A lot of people all over the worlds have a negative feeling about Polish people, but not only. First of all, Polish people are thought to be a lazy nation. Secondly others say that Poles are unfair. Polish people are very religious –...


Keeping animals in zoos

Today there are a lot of zoos all over the world where thousands of animals are keept in cages or other similar places.But we can ask if this way of living is a good idea. On the positive side,we protect endangered species from...


Informal letter to penfriend

Dear Ann, Thank you fot your letter which i recived last week, I'd love to be your new penfriend. First of all I'm really sorry I'haven't written back sooner, but I've been up to my eyes in school. Also my brother was ill so I have spent a...


The advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car

Travelling by car has many advantages. First of all you can travel wherever an whenever you want. You can use a car in case of urgency. For example if you want to drive to the doctor you don't have to wait for a bus. Also you don't have to travel...