Being an only child – a blessing or a curse ?

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Since I am an only child much easier to define me if it is a blessing or a curse. My siblings to a certain extent replaced by numerous cousins, with whom I am very closely related. Every year we spend together the two-three weeks of vacation and I feel like I've got siblings, but I love to be an only child.
Being an only child has many advantages, such as for example that no one is envious of what you getting in gifts, parents can devote their undivided attention on you or no fight with siblings. Being an only child also means having your own room and did not have to share it with anyone else. As for me, in having no siblings, the best part is that parents do not compare me to anyone else. From the financial side you are getting a larger share of the family's income and in the future you won't have problems with inheritance.
In the other hand, of course there are also disadvantages of being an only child. When you are young you don’t have no other child is a socialise with at home. There is also a possibility that selfishness and egocentrism may develop as the dominant features of your character. You will not have close family in mature life. For me the biggest disadvantage of being an only child is, that I don't have any one else to share household duties with.
In conclusion with all my arguments I think that better is to be an only child, and I'm sure this is not a curse but a blessing.

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