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Liczby i liczebniki porządkowe-angielski

Liczby i liczebniki porządkowe 1 - one - first 2 - two - second 3 - three - third 4 - four - fourth 5 - five - fifth 6 - six - sixth 7 - seven - seventh 8 - eight - eight 9 - nine - ninth 10 - ten - tenth 11 - eleven - eleventh 12 -...


Pocztówka z wakacji z Rzymu.

Dear John, Greetings from Rome! I arrived on Saturday evening and since then I have had a great time here. The place I’m staying in is a 4- star hotel with a big swimming pool. My spacious and very comfortable room is in front of a beautiful...


Czasowniki nieregularne: w formie tabelki

CZASOWNIKI NIEREGULARNE !!!! Z A Ł Ą C Z N I K polecam !! super tabelka !! przyjemnie się uczy =]


Angielski humor

Angielski humor Angielski humor (również brytyjski humor) - określenie specyficznego poczucia humoru, które dominuje w Wielkiej Brytanii i zdobyło duże rzesze fanów i antyfanów na całym świecie. Angielski humor opiera się w głównej mierze na...


What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternative medicine ??

Alternative medicine is an unconventional treatment. A lot of people turn to the alternative methods if they don't see another solution in they recover. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of alternative medicine...


Recenzja filmu, który ci się absolutnie niepodobał.

The worse film J have ever seen is "Psychol" with Tom Cruse. The film about schizophrenic Johne Brown-whose wife was psycholog Ana Kopfana based on the book "History of psychol" by Mike Tyson, was directed by Steven Felix Meler. Steven Felix...


Interlaguage - Essay o Interlanguage / Inter language

Interlanguage Whenever one acquires second or another language, one develops a so called ?interlanguage?, which is developed by him/ her as a system of rules and applications that can either bear the properties and rules of L1, properties and...


Językoznawstwo- gramatyka opisowa

Word-formation processes COINAGE: -The invention of totally new terms -Proper names or trade names for one company’s product become general terms for any version of that product.(eg. kleenex, Guy Fox->guy(any human being); -meaning of the words...


My best day during the holiday.

Holiday is the most perfect time of the year. Not going to school for more than two months makes them such great. My parents went to the small city near the see so I stayed at home with my sister. We planed that we would swimm in our swimming...


What can be done about cheating in Poland ? - Analitic Essay, 3rd year

Maciej Kaleciński Academic Writing, IIIA Analytic Essay May 26, 2007 To: Dr. Sean Hartigan Can anything be done about the problem of cheating in Polish schools? There is no doubt that the problem of cheating at schools in Poland is very...