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Liczby i liczebniki porządkowe-angielski

Liczby i liczebniki porządkowe 1 - one - first 2 - two - second 3 - three - third 4 - four - fourth 5 - five - fifth 6 - six - sixth 7 - seven - seventh 8 - eight - eight 9 - nine - ninth 10 - ten - tenth 11 - eleven - eleventh 12 -...


Czasowniki nieregularne: w formie tabelki

CZASOWNIKI NIEREGULARNE !!!! Z A Ł Ą C Z N I K polecam !! super tabelka !! przyjemnie się uczy =]


My Positive and Negative Sides of My Character

My Positive and Negative Sides of My Character I am not a prefect person, like everyone I have some positive sides and some negative sides of my character. I am active, optimistic and tolerant person but I am also shy, self-critical and...


My best day during the holiday.

Holiday is the most perfect time of the year. Not going to school for more than two months makes them such great. My parents went to the small city near the see so I stayed at home with my sister. We planed that we would swimm in our swimming...


Pocztówka z wakacji z Rzymu.

Dear John, Greetings from Rome! I arrived on Saturday evening and since then I have had a great time here. The place I’m staying in is a 4- star hotel with a big swimming pool. My spacious and very comfortable room is in front of a beautiful...


Jacy są anglicy według Polaków?

The English in polish sounding are describe que people who are very friendly and very outspokens. Typical english are: thin oatmeat scrambled eggs with bacon toast chocolate cream bingo beer bitter sense of humour ethics...


Common stereotypes of Polish people

TEMAT: Common stereotypes of Polish people - truth or exaggeration? By the word "stereotype" we understand generalizations about a person, group of people, nation etc. We develop stereotypes when we are unable or unwilling to obtain all of the...


What it Means to Have an Idea?

The Greek philosopher Socrates once said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This statement is often used as a starting point for philosophy in its quest to examine everything. In the same sense, the analytic writing common in academics...


Moja przygoda z dzieciństwa

It was sunny day of July 1994. Birds were chirping and a light summer wind was blowing. I and my 3 friends was (were) walking towards the river Skawa. Cold water of Skawa was great for hot sun and 30 degree in shadow, so everybody had agree with...


Alcoholics and drug addicts should be separated from the society.Do you agree?

Alcoholics and drug addicts should be separated from the society. Do you agree? Alcohol and drug use can progress into addiction so easyly that sometimes people do not realize how fast it becomes a disease. Most of people who decided to stop...


Interview with Billy

- Good afternoon, Billy! - Good afternoon! - My name is Magda, I’m journalist of GIRL magazine for teenagers. May I ask you some questions connected with cooking? - Yes, of course! I like cooking! - So, what do you cook? And what is your...



Przedrostki (Prefixes) Przykłady (Example) Przyrostki (suffixes) Przykłady (Example) wszystko ładnie i pięknie zestawione w tabelce


Czasy teraźniejsze,przeszłe i przyszłe

PRESENT SIMPLE Budowa Zdania twierdzące I/You/We/They + V1 (I like music.) He/She/It + V1 + s (He likes music.) Przeczenia I/You/We/They + don't + V1 (I don't like music.) He/She/It + doesn't + V1 (She doesn't like music.) Pytania...


Przepis na sałatke

100g pea 100g rise 150g papricas 3 spoon olive oil paper salt Boil the rise. Slice the fresh papricas and mashrooms. Imperfe it in olive oil. slice the tomatos. add it to the ingredients . season with salt and paper.When...


What are stories

The term “stories” can be associated with many things. For some, they may be remembrances, or sad moments. Me? I believe that stories are memories. Stories kill time, make people smile, sometimes make them sad, or angry. They can derive a...


Isaac Newton

Referat o angielskim naukovcu Isaaku Newtonia.


What can be done about cheating in Poland ? - Analitic Essay, 3rd year

Maciej Kaleciński Academic Writing, IIIA Analytic Essay May 26, 2007 To: Dr. Sean Hartigan Can anything be done about the problem of cheating in Polish schools? There is no doubt that the problem of cheating at schools in Poland is very...


The best shopping street in the world

A recent survey has shown that the busiest shopping street in the world is not London,New York, or Paris, but in Warsaw.It's called Nowy Świat. It's lovely place to shop.There are statues ,palaces,attractive town houses,and high-class...


My favourite restaurant

My favorite restaurant is called “the Wild Owl” .It`s in the centre of my town. There is a kind of old fashioned style inside the restaurant. The walls are painted in soft and warm colours. There are comfortable chairs and quite big round...


Description of a person who I admire

Description of my mother, who I admire. I admire some people. The first one is my mother. She is the big hero in my life. The second is my grandma. She has the perfect words that I need for my progress. However, I admire a lot of another person...


Historia literatury angielskiej

John Milton -Comus (masque) -Lycidos (pastoral elegy) -Poems Of Mr John Milton (L’Allegro, El Periseroso) -Paradise Lost -Paradise Regained -Samson Agonistes John Dryden -Heroic Stanzas -Astrea Redux -Annus Mirabilis (historic poem)...


Describe a person from your past you would like to see again, and explain why

We meet many people through our whole life but not everyone we like and respect. In my opinion there are not so many people from our past who we would like to meet again and be close to. I wonder who is still in my memory and who means a lot to...


Personal Profile

Personal profile I am currently a student at Kendal College completing an ESOL course at LEVEL 2. My knowledge of spoken English has improved immeasurably over the year I have had this course. I work as a Sales Assistant at Boots the...


Historia literatury angielskiej

Characteristic features of old eng literature: - alliteration-the repetition of initial sounds is stress syllables ; - meter-iambic meter; -ceasura-przerwa na nabranie oddechu= 2 accented syllables in the 1st half line, then caesura and then next...



Alkohole ? są to pochodne węglowodorów, których cząsteczki zbudowane są z grupy węglowodorowej i grupy hydroksylowej. Otrzymywanie alkoholi ? metanol na skalę przemysłową otrzymuje się z gazu do syntez. Właściwości alkoholi monohydroksylowych....