“Living in a foreign country can not be better than living in your own” Discuss.

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Subject: “Living in a foreign country can not be better than living in your own” Discuss.

Living abroad means for young people throwing themselves from the ledge. The fact of the matter is that, we are accustomed to help and absorption from our parents and even grandparents. During adolescent period our wish to be more independent increases. In that time, our minds develop an idea about going abroad for a long time, without parents support. It will depend on our point of view and encourage if the plan comes significantly or will be only a plan. It seems that living in a foreign country can not be better than living in your own one.

Firstly, living in a foreign country usually costs a lot of money. For wealthy families, it will not be difficult to pay for tuition of child education. But families living on a tighten budget will find it impossible to send their child to a very expensive, foreign university. Insufficient founds often cause disappointment for young people and the feel that their education will not be as good as education of those well-to-do people.

Secondly, young people, usually girls, are strongly attached to their parents. Leaving their home city may be the reason for pain and tears and even will make them change the decision. If the young person is not prepared to leave home, there is no sense in forcing because, in the end, the effect will be disastrous.

In addition to this, people are very used to their local customs and national holidays. In a foreign country, there is always difficulty with celebrating them. Because of the local authorities and the local law, your human rights may be limited, due to your immigrant status.

On the other hand, living abroad is a great opportunity to learn and improve language. It is generally suggested that only every day contact with language is the best chance to learn faster and more effectively. What is more, belief that during stay, you will meet lot of new friends is a strong impulse to leave your home. It is a chance to know variety of cultures and behaviors. This variety is helpful to create young characters and transform them to become an adult person.

To conclude, it must be said that by living in a foreign country we are more tolerant and able to live with different people. If you are a bold and positive thinking person, living abroad is exactly for you. But when you are fond of your country and do not need anything additional, then stay here and enjoy your life.

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3.11.2008 (16:34)

wow, this piece of work is fantastic. very adequate to today's peoples' perspective showing the hardships, ups and downs of residing or even moving abroad...

take care :)