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The Problems of the Present Poland

In my opinion, the biggest problem in our country is that most of our compatriots do not realize how beautiful and rich Poland is. I've spent a lot of time in a few European countries and now I see that Poland with its' interesting traditions,...


School plays more important role than the family in shaping one's personality. Discuss.

School is the place where one spends considerable amount of life. It accompanies people from their childhood, up to adult years. Therefore, it strongly influences the development of one's personality. It may be said that the impact of school is...


British Holidays - Guy Fawkes Day

Every year on 5th November British people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. The tradition of Guy Fawkes bonfires goes back to the beginning of the 17th century. When Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603, English Catholics hoped that her successor, James I,...


Czasowniki nieregularne

Arise – arose – arisen – powstawać Awake – awoke – awaked/awoke – budzić (się) Be – was – been – być Bear – bore – born – rodzić Beat – beat – beaten – bić Become – became – become – stawać się Begin – began – begun zaczynać się Bend –...


Advantages and Disadvantages of Censorship (Pros and Cons) - Tylko first draft

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Censorship Censorship plays a major role in every society and as Shakespeare once said, censorship is ?art made tongue-tied by authority?, but it is not only used to silence people but also to protect them....


Przepis na sałatke

100g pea 100g rise 150g papricas 3 spoon olive oil paper salt Boil the rise. Slice the fresh papricas and mashrooms. Imperfe it in olive oil. slice the tomatos. add it to the ingredients . season with salt and paper.When...


My best day during the holiday.

Holiday is the most perfect time of the year. Not going to school for more than two months makes them such great. My parents went to the small city near the see so I stayed at home with my sister. We planed that we would swimm in our swimming...


Rain Man So Complex, Yet So Simple

One of my favorite movies is “Rain Man.” A person could watch this movie over and over again. It provides insight to the personalities of an autistic man and his brother. Dustin Hoffman superbly plays the role of the autistic man, and Tom Cruise...


Czasowniki nieregularne - tabelka (Excel)

ze przyda sie wszystkim studentom którzy sie tego jeszcze nie nauczyli :) !!! ZAŁĄCZNIK !!! Mozna swobodnie wydrukowac :)


Streszczenie filmu Shrek



My Positive and Negative Sides of My Character

My Positive and Negative Sides of My Character I am not a prefect person, like everyone I have some positive sides and some negative sides of my character. I am active, optimistic and tolerant person but I am also shy, self-critical and...


What can be done about cheating in Poland ? - Analitic Essay, 3rd year

Maciej Kaleciński Academic Writing, IIIA Analytic Essay May 26, 2007 To: Dr. Sean Hartigan Can anything be done about the problem of cheating in Polish schools? There is no doubt that the problem of cheating at schools in Poland is very...



*** MENU*** POLSKO - ANGIELSKIE Śniadanie / Breakfast 1. JAJECZNICA NA BEKONIE Scrambled eggs with Bacon / 7zł 2. OMLET Omlette / 7 zł 3. TOSTY Z SZYNKĄ I SEREM Toasts...


How to avoid being grounded?

How to avoid being grounded Are you bored with being grounded? Read this essay and you might have a fewer chance of sadly, being G-R-O-U-N-D-E-D. Some important things you need to do are having manners, and behaving at home and at school. Maybe...


Past simple. Gramatyka czasu Past Simple.

Past Simple określa czynnośc zakończoną w przeszłości. np. Tomek zjadł wczoraj kanapkę W języku angielskim to zdanie wygląda tak: Thomas ate sandwich yesterday Michał oglądał wczoraj telewizję A tak to zdanie wygląda w języku angielskim...


Advantages and disadvantages of using a cell phone.

Nowadays, cell phones are very popular. Nearly each of us have it. We like talking on cell phones, sending SMS, playing games etc. But is that a good way to communicate? To start with, with cell phones we can communicate with others wherever we...


Easter in Poland

Easter in Poland Easter is the most important Christian holyday. In Poland most people ale Catholics and they celebrate Easter. Before this holyday we tidy our flats, we shopping. We bake cakes, make salads, cook eggs and buy ham. In this days...


Odpowiedź na ogłoszenie w gazecie w sprawie pracy.

Dear Sir or Madam, I'm writing with regard to your advertisement which appeared in a magazine "(nazwa gazety)English OK!"in a yesterday's issue. I would like to apply becouse my experience is large. For five years J have been...


Persuasive Essay on Space Exploration

Persuasive essay on Space Exploration Con I think we should not continue Space Exploration because it is not a needed resource. We are spending trillions of dollars of our taxes on search for “aliens”, but even if we find...


Conditionals - okresy warunkowe

1st Conditional używany trwałych, stałych, cyklicznie się powtarzających sytuacjacjach (tzw. Conditional 1 a ) If + Present Simple + Present Simple If sunshines, people go at the sea side. (jeś używany w odniesieniu...


A supermarket or a corner shop. What are the advetages and disadvantages of each of them and which do you prefer?

It is hard to say which kind of shop is better. Both a corner shop and a supermarket has many advantages and disadvantages. The corner shop is generally small and has friendly staff. Because it is not as big you cannot find there sophisticated...


Opisz swojego przyjaciela (po angielsku)

My friend's name is Tomek. We've met in Warsaw, in a very interesting café called " The Manson". There were NO places in the café, so the waiter told us to sit together. He is 14, he lives in Vilafranca del Penedes, but he was born in Moroko....


Survey Report - Entertainment Among Students

Survey Report To: Mrs. Helen Chmielowiec From: Maciej Kalecinski Subject: Entertainment among students Date: 15th May 2006 Purpose of the report This report is meant to assess the result of a survey carried out among students of...


Chronologiczna lista prezydentów USA

Prezydent Okres prezydentury Partia Elekcja Wiceprezydent 1. George Washington (ur. 1732, zm. 1799) 30 kwietnia 1789 4 marca 1797 bezpartyjny 1 (1789) 1. John Adams 2 (1792) 2. John Adams Jr. (ur. 1735, zm. 1826) 4...


Me? A Sexist

Usually, I'm a quiet, simple kid, nothing special, just trying to make my parents proud of me like any average student. For some reason, though, I'm a sucker for a sexist. Not just all sexists in general, but male sexists, or as I like to call...


Description of the house I like most in my neighbourhood (250-300 words)

Our town – Lansquenet – is an unexceptional french village but it hides a far from ordinary caf. “La Cleste Praline – Chocolaterie” says the hand-letterd sign and the ajar doors emit a bewildering scent of ginger and spices. Isn’t it inviting...


Czas Past continuons

Positive statements. Negative statements. I was working yesterday. I wasn't sunbathing. You were working yesterday. You weren't sunbathing. He was working...


Obserwacje lekcji języka angielskiego. Dla przyszłych nauczycieli

obserwacje lekcji jezy.angielskiego dla przyszlych nauczycieli


Liczby i liczebniki porządkowe - angielski

Liczby i liczebniki porządkowe 1 - one - first 2 - two - second 3 - three - third 4 - four - fourth 5 - five - fifth 6 - six - sixth 7 - seven - seventh 8 - eight - eight 9 - nine - ninth 10 - ten - tenth 11 - eleven - eleventh 12 -...


Pomieszczenia i meble po angielsku - Rooms and furniture in English

Dining room - jadalnia Kitchen - kuchnia Bathroom - łazienka Bedroom - sypialnia, pokój Living room - pokój dzienny, salon Hall - korytarz, przedpokój Bath - wanna Armchair - fotel Chair - krzesło Washbasin - umywalka Fridge - lodówka...


Methods as a science of foreign language teaching

Chapter I Methods as a science of foreign language teaching 1.1 The definition of methods For ancient times people had ability to learn language but not until the twentieth century theory of language acquisition has been elaborated. That...


Isaac Newton

Referat o angielskim naukovcu Isaaku Newtonia.


Assessing Good & Bad Points

To: Mr Smith From: A. Kowalska Subject: The swimming pool “Syrena” in PłockI Introduction As requested, the purpose of his report is to describe swimming pool ‘Syrena” in Płock and its facilities, comment on its good and bad points....


"My dream home " - moj wymarzony dom

My dream deached home is situated by the sea . It should hire gigant windows which are really important for me to watch and feel the beauties of the nature for example: sunsets, sunries, a moon and of course the stars at night. I would...


My favourite restaurant

My favorite restaurant is called “the Wild Owl” .It`s in the centre of my town. There is a kind of old fashioned style inside the restaurant. The walls are painted in soft and warm colours. There are comfortable chairs and quite big round...


Mój wymarzony dom

My dream home is situated by the sea. It should have huge windows. By them I could watch and feel all the beauties of the nature for ex ample sunries, sunsets or stars at night. I would like to have a big kitchen, three bathrooms and six rooms,...


Describe two areas of the town or city you live in which are very different from each other, and explain why they are so different.

M. M. city is located not far from Warsaw and is divided into two areas - the New and Old City. The general impression of the town is that the whole town is the same but when we look closer we can notice many differences between each other parts....


Smoking should be banned in public places

To begin with, smoking is one of the biggest problem of our population.Unfortunately, not only is smoking unhealthy but it is also very irritating for non-smokers. For this reason it is necessary to consider whether smoking should be banned in all...


"What would your dream home be like?" - The article for a school magazine.

Aren’t you sometimes bored with your dirty block of flats or terrace house which resemble plenty of other buildings in the city? I am very often and then I dream about what my ideal house would be like. To begin with, it certainly should be...


Describe how major life events can influence the development of the individual.

Describe how major life events can influence the development of the individual. There are many life changes which influence on peoples life individually. Each individual changes will experience differently. Changes like, starting school,...


Czasowniki nieregularne w formie tabelki

Forma podstawowa Past simple Past participle Tłumaczenie arise arose arisen powstawać, pojawiać się awake awoke awoken budzić się be was(were) been być bear bore borne nosić become...


The end justifies the means – opinion essay.

“The end justifies the means” is used to say that doing bad things is acceptable if they achieve an important result. The result doesn’t need always be good-it must be important. This argument was created by Niccolò Machiavelli in XVI century....


Ogólny opis siebie

My name is Marta. I am from Warsaw in Poland. I am twenty-four years old, and I am a student. I have got brown hair and blue eyes. I am not very tall. I am not married, but I have got a daughter. Her name is Patrycja. She is six years old....


Advantages & Disadvantages of Joining the European Union by Poland.

Not long ago Poland accessed to the Europe Union. This decision was very controversial, because this event have advantages and disadvantages. I will move this theme. One of the advantages is this, that Poland has received money from European...


Describe a person from your past you would like to see again, and explain why

We meet many people through our whole life but not everyone we like and respect. In my opinion there are not so many people from our past who we would like to meet again and be close to. I wonder who is still in my memory and who means a lot to...


Angielski humor

Angielski humor Angielski humor (również brytyjski humor) - określenie specyficznego poczucia humoru, które dominuje w Wielkiej Brytanii i zdobyło duże rzesze fanów i antyfanów na całym świecie. Angielski humor opiera się w głównej mierze na...


Customer protection in Poland

To jest bardzo skrótowe opracowanie na rok 2005, które zrobiłam w ramach przygotowania do egzaminu LCCI. Chyba jest OK. emis82


My favourite actress

My favourite actress is Julia Roberts. She is one of the Hollywood's brightest star. She is a very successful actress who has starred in many films, such as "Pretty woman" and "The running bride" with Richard Gere. Julia is tall with a perfect...


Advantages and disadvantages of driving a car in the town

The car has been the most popular method of transport for many years.I have also been driving a car for some years as I think that this way of travelling has many advantages.Driving a car I avoid crowds,I feel free in my car,I can listen to...


Święta i tradycje w krajach anglojęzycznych

Columbus Day On this day people in many countries , especially in the USA, anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus on 12 October. In the USA, Columbus Day (also called Discovery Day) is officially celebrated on the...