Advantages and disadvantages of being a doctor.

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Some people think it’s a difficult job. We must remember a lot of names, entries etc. But really it’s a very satisfying and interesting job. It is not very good, but it isn’t very bad.

There are some arguments in favour of working as a doctor. We know a lot of medicines, treatment means, which can be useable any minute now. We also meet a lot of people in hospital. We can talk and introduce with them. We can say it’s a somewhat sociable work. It is also a rewarding job, because doctors help sick or injured people to recover. In addition, doctors are rarely out of work, because there is always demand for people to treat the sick or injured.

We can’t say this work is without disadvantages. Firstly, it’s a tiring job as doctors work shifts and often work at night. In addition, it can be depressing as they often see people suffering. Furthermore, mentally it’s a very difficult job. For example, we must sometimes say someone that him only a two months of life. It is very difficult thing to do.

To conclude, it’s a very difficult job. For someone it is pouncing on deep water. Although it is very difficult, it is well worth it, because it is very rewarding job.

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