Advantages and disadvantages of having a pet

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Nowadays lots of people have got a pet. What decides about buying a pet or not? In my opinion the thing is that the society feels lonely. Chasing money takes a lot of time. That is why we fewer arrange meetings, get to know new people, fall in love, etc. Happily we have our pet, who is always at home, waiting for us, whom we can stroke or play with whenever we want.

Unfortunately, a pet usually means also disadvantages. Take as an example a dog. Actually it is one of our best friends, but he needs care. Everyday he needs to be fed and taken out. Moreover having a dog enlarges our expenses. But for those three things we have something else, something much better – friendship that is between a human and a animal. That gives lots of benefits, like having a friend who will never disappoint you, who will always take care about you and your home.

On the other hand, there are some people who buy extreme animals, as an example – a spider. In that case we cannot talk about loneliness of the owner, but rather about his interests. Surely one cannot stroke it or snuggle up to it. What are the advantages of that animal? In my opinion only the sight and courage. The biggest disadvantage of having that kind of animal is that when it accidentally escapes, it may beat someone and sometimes even kill.

Summarizing, having a pet gives more benefits than inconveniences. We feel better, safer and what is the most important we are not as lonely as we used to be.

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