Description of the house I like most in my neighbourhood (250-300 words)

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Our town – Lansquenet – is an unexceptional french village but it hides a far from ordinary caf. “La Cleste Praline – Chocolaterie” says the hand-letterd sign and the ajar doors emit a bewildering scent of ginger and spices. Isn’t it inviting enough to crave for entering?
However mysterious the interior seems let’s peer first at the faade. This building doesn’t resemble any of the drab frontages around. It’s unusuality is underlined not only by well maintained whitewashed walls, that are partly covered with ivy, but also by red shutters, old golden doors and charming geraniums in window boxes. In the prodiguous display, which is crammed with all sorts of sweets, the central position belongs to a gingerbread house. You can probably imagine how dirty from thie children’s faces the window is…
On the doorstep a doorbell jangle greets us and you can feel some kind of magic. The walls are bright daffodil colour what provides an intimate fresh air on the inside. Looking at the counter – “a place where secrets are whispered” springs to your mind. A hand-written menu attracts every custmer’s attention. There is a possibility of consuming your order sitting on a bar stool next to the counter, on a red leather seat or on an old orange armchair which lolls in one corner. Although all the shelves are full of sweets, a lot of candles can be found hidden between cornets of almond or chocolate rose leaves.
If I had the opportunity to chose any of the cities in the world to move in, I would never make such decision only because of this soul mainstay of uniqueness. Anyone who misses something in his life would for sure find it in our shop-cum-caf.

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