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My ideal place in the World - moje wymarzone (idealne) miejsce na ziemi

Every person in the world has had some moments in his life in which he wonted to reside in different place from that he is staing now so called he ideal place. When we say that we imagine the place in which there are hot sand beaches, palms...


Film po angielsku.

The fight for a Middle Earth" One year ago I saw "The Lord of the Rings - The Two towers" on video. It's a fantasy film directed by Peter Jackson. It is set in "Middle Earth" which is a magical place. The film is about Frodo (Elijah Wood) who is a...


Bank in england

Bank in England


Recenzja ksiazki, ktora nie jest warta polecenia | Dzuma /Plague

Last time I read a book "Plague" written by Albert Camus. It is a parabolic novel. It means that described events are unreal and the author would like to tell us about thing which cannot be said straight because of censure. The main character...


My favourite film is

My favourite film is Armagedon. It is a science-fiction film. The film is about the struggle between people and a huge meteor. If it fell down, our planet would be destroyed. Boss Dan Thruman, played by Billy Bob Thomton, thinks that mission of...


Recenzja filmu "Kevin sam w domu" (Home alone) po angielsku.

Home Alone” is and will be one of the most famous films ever made. The film was directed by Chris Columbus and it has become a big success. Screenplay was written by John Hughes and despite its age it is still interesting. Many of us sit in front...


Upadek - Fall Down

„Fall” „Fall” isn’t a very outstanding film. It tries to catch all of Nazis’ evil, but I think that Hitlers’ phenomenon is too hard to show for creators of this film. German actor – Bruno Ganz is the most important person in “Fall”. He tries...


"Sophie's World" - a book which inspired me

Among a vast number of books I have read in my life, there are less than few titles which deserve to be labeled as sources of my inspiration. If I was to choose the one which had the greatest impact on my way of thinking, for sure it would be...


Recenzja Harry Potter

The book, which impressed me, is Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince written by J. K. Rowling. It is the sixth of the 7-book-series about a boy called Harry Potter, who is a wizard. Harry attends the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry –...


Recenzja filmu Shrek.

Shrek is the first and the best animated film directed by Andrew Adamson. The movie is adapted from William Steigh's book with the same title. It is also the first film that won an Oscar Award for Best Animated Feature, in 2001. Generally, Shrek...