Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice-review

We seldom have the opportunity to read ‘sweat’ novels with happy endings and concurrently… inimitable style. ‘Pride and prejudice’ is one of them books. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ belongs to the romantic-comedy genre and is the most famous of Jane Austen's novels.
Thanks to this story we can see England in the early 19th century. We see marvellous landscapes and customs, but first of all, society and their daily life. Above all, we meet people form a very poor gentry and rich aristocracy.
The main character is Elizabeth Bennet, a beautiful 20-year-old woman possessed of a ‘quick mind’ and a ‘quick tongue’. I think, that Elizabeth is one of the best character in the English or even the world’s literature.
In story we find pathetic and also comical scenes. The most comical person in the story is Mrs. Bennet, who desperately secures good matches for her five daughters, while trying to keep control of her ‘nerves’.
The second important character is Mr. Darcy. Right from the beginning, he appears to us as a man, who is intelligent, wealthy and reserved. He is wary of his friend Bingley's romantic entanglements with unsuitable women. This last behavior causes Elizabeth’s dislike for him
The story relies on contrasts. When bring all things to light in the end, Mr. Darcy turns out to be a good man. Then, when Darcy proposes a second time to Elizabeth, she opens her heart to him and both his pride and her prejudices are forgotten.
It is said that simple things are the most difficult to show. Jane Austen succeed wonderfully. She shows us a beautiful story with different characters, funny and sad scenes. Maybe the end is a little kitschy, but very romantic and pathetic. Personally, I love happy endings. The story has a ‘soul’ and I recommended this book to everybody.

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