„The car - Dream machine or nightmare”?

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Modern society couldn’t exist without the car. Cars are very fast and we can travel where we want. In fact, our live is organized around cars. People don’t want to walk, they prefer driving. That’s much easier. The majority of people use cars when they want to go for a long trip, but there is also small group of people who are addicted to cars. These people have to drive to shop, which is several meters from their houses.

The car brings a lot of benefits. People can go for a spin at the weekend. They don’t waste time on traveling by bus, because they have cars, so they don’t have to stop on every bus stop.

However, we pay a heavy price for these benefits. Most of the pollution in cities is caused by cars that produce chemicals, like carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide.

As more and more people get cars, the problem will increase, so we must change our attitude toward cars. I am convinced that people develop and they will invent for e.g. cars on water that don’t produce a chemicals. When many people will use cars on water, the surrounding will not be polluted. Instead of cars we can ride a bike.

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