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Szybka powtórka - czasy

The Present Simple: I drink milk. She drinks milk. They drink milk. Czynnosci zwyczajowe, powtarzające się (always, often, usually, sometimes, occasionalyy, rarely, never, ever, nowadays, once, every day). Harmonogram, program, plan,...


Polskiej muzyka - notatka po angielsku

Middle Ages The first Polish composition is the wedding song "Oj Chmielu, Chmielu". Wincenty from Kielcza was the first identified Polish author who had written in the 13th century, Gaude Mater Polonia (Latin:Be happy, Mother Poland)....


Angielski Rozmowy sterowane. Odpowiedzi - Jak zaczać rozmowę

Angielski Rozmowy sterowane Odpowiedzi Jak zaczać rozmowę


English tenses 1

Past simple Structure: subj/verb+ed e.g. I lost my keys. Use: 1. Completely finished past action – no effect now!2. Past sequence, one action after the other.3. Always with an indication of past time(Not present perfect simple). Present perfect...


English tenses 2

Present simple Structure: subj/verb+(s/es) Use: Timetables e.g. She goes to the beach every weekend.Bus leaves at 6 o’clock. Present continuous Structure: subj/am(is/are)/verb + ing Use: The present continuous tense is used for actions...