Recenzja filmu Szybcy i wściekli: Tokio Drift ( The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)

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My favourite film is ’ The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ directed by Justin Lin. It falls into the category of action films. Soundtrack of this film is very good. The music was created by Brian Tyler. The story is first set in USA, and after in the capital of Japan- Tokyo. Main character Sean Boswell is played by Lucas Black. Other characters of films are: Neela ( Nathalie Kelly), Han ( Sung Kang), Twinkie ( Bow Wow) and D. K. ( Brian Tee). The story is about young man- 17 years old Sean who has to choose between his quiet life or taking part in races. Of course he chooses racings and he goes to Tokyo. He meets there Twinkie and falls in love. The darling of his heart is Neela. In Tokyo he explores illegal race world. During his first race he had crashed lent car and thanks to that he catches many troubles. Also he competes with D.K. for Neeka and the title of the best driver. What I like of this film is its that there is a lot of beautiful girls and cars for example Mitsubshi Lancer EVO or Mazda RX- 8. Soundtrack is fantastic and drift racing are brilliant. Action is very fast and easy to understand. It makes that the film available for everyone. I saw ‘ The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Druft’ several times and I can strongly recommend it to those who like watching good films. This one is really worth seeing.

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