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My favouirte film of all time is 'The First Love'. I watch this film every day. It is a love story. The director is Okil Khamidov. One episod is just over a half an hour.

The heroines in this serial are Marysia Radosz, who is twenty years old, and her aunt, Teresa Żukowska. Marysia, who left Wadlew, just now starts to study medicine and stays with her aunt. Marycia lost her mother in mysterious circumstances five years ago.

Marysia turns out at Teresa's home at an infortuante moment. Marek, Teresa's husband leaves Teresa for Sylwia, because she is younger than Teresa. Marysia meets in Wroclaw her first love. She loves Paweł. Paweł is frank and receptive to people's ideas and he dreams about his own house. Unfortunately, Paweł starts to pretend anyone another. Paweł bets with Artur, who first checks that Marysia is 'virgin'. Kinga is the witness of the bet. She thinks that it is a brilliant joke.

Kinga belongs to 'hip-hop' and 'clubbing' generation, she turns out in local 'high life', she hasn't got ambitious plans for the future. Just she wants to live it up. Her boyfriend is Artur.

Marysia is quite different than her cousin. She learn very well. She wants to start a new life. Marysia has a very good contact with Teresa. Teresa often says that Marysia should be her daughter.

I like the film because the story is exciting and interesting. The acting is excellent.

The theme of the film is super. i like this film, beacause I like a love stroy.

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