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Speaking test-Future plans- How important is English to your future plans ?

English is very important for my future plans because I would like to travel a lot in the future . I particularly would like to visit USA. English is widely spoken all over the world by over 2 million people. It is an international language...


Bad and good points of closing shopping centres on Sundays and festive days.

Bad and good points of closing shopping centres on Sundays and festive days. Closing big shops and supermarkets on Sundays has its bad and good points. Some people think shopping centres should be open 24 hours in a day. In my opinion there...


Przepis na potrawe po angielsku

Pasta with delicious sauce Components: ? 50 dag of pasta ? 50 dag of mince meat ? 1 can of tomato pomance ? 1 big onion ? 3 spoons of olive oil ? 2 spoons of flour ? Cayenne ? Pepper ? Salt ? Herbs ? Green parsley Recipe: To give meat good taste...


England Architecture Painting Sculpture School St Valentine’s Day Easter HalloweenChristmas Sport and more

England : Area: 130 420 km2 Population: 48,5 m. Capital: London Government: returns 529 members to Parliament; a mixture of 2-tierand unitary local authorities, with 36 countries, six metropolian countries, and 27 unitary authorities....


My hobby

My hobby is computer. I like doing various things with this device. As far as I’m concerned, the computer is the most useful machine ever invented. I can write an essay (like this one) or solve a complicated science problem. It’s very helpful at...


School does prepare you for life

School does prepare you for life. Some may not agree, but I think that school prepares us for life in terms of interactions with other people, forming good habits and usage of knowledge in everyday life. I can clearly remember...


Be going to (używamy 'to be' + going to + czasownik + reszta zdania)

'Going to' używamy gdy: - mówimy o tym, co zamiwrzamy zrobić w przyszłości np. We're going to hare patry on Sunday. - wiemy na pewno, że coś się wydarzy w najbliższej przyszłości np. It's going to rain. (Zaraz zacznie padać.) - przed...



Wales Get Active in Wales High mountains, rushing rivers, placid lakes, and a long coastline of beaches, bays and estuaries ... Wales is made for activity holidays. It's one of the UK's most popular walking destinations. Golfers, pony trekkers...


My day

Last week when I was going to work I saw a men crawling on his hands and knees with his head down. When I asked him what happened he said that he accidentally throw his wife’s car keys into the trash. I left him with his problem. Shortly after I...


Polish education system

Education in Poland is divided into: primary, Junior High School , secondary or voluntary, advanced studies and higher education. Compulsory education in Poland lasts for 12 years; from 6 to 18. Children are legally obliged to start...