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Cars enslave us rather then liberate us ’ Do you agree? opinion essay

Everybody knows that cars are very important in our life. We can not imagine how people could live without this invention many years ago. A lot of families, in all countries, have their own cars nowadays, they help us in daily life. Our life...


Co możesz zrobić dla planety? - "What can you do for the Planet?"

There is a lot of rubbish in the world because community make and use plenty of goods. The goods are often wrapped in plastic bags, which are disposed. They are hamfull for enviroment. Their decomposition is very long and they are unfriendly...


Tryby warunkowe

praca z załączniku :)


Present simple

Zdanie twierdzące Liczba pojedyncza I like going for walks. Lubię chodzić na spacery. You like going for walks. Ty lubisz chodzić na spacery. HeSheIt likes going for walks. On/ona/ono lubi chodzić na spacery. Liczba mnoga WeYouThey like going...


Opis dnia

I wake up at 6 o’clock. I make my bed and go to the bathroom. I wash my eyes, face and brush my teeth. I get dress . I pack my book’s and I go to kitchen. I eat a breakfast . I usually eat a milk with corn flakes. I don’t make a second...



Until the 1960s, London was a very polluted city. Factories poured their waste liquids into the River Thames. There were no fish and it was even dangerous if you fell in. People burned coal to heat their homes and the smoke polluted the sky. In...



Unemployment Unemployment is a very serious problem in Poland.An unemployment rate grows rapidly.Being unemployed these days is not a shame.In the face of rapid technological progress and economic changes , people are often made redundant....


Crime Story

"The Blue Carbuncle" The night was dark and full of stars. It was cold and the fields surrounding the village were white with snow. Sad silence was everywhere, you could feel the sadness in your bones, as if dead had decided to rise… In the...


School does prepare you for life

School does prepare you for life. Some may not agree, but I think that school prepares us for life in terms of interactions with other people, forming good habits and usage of knowledge in everyday life. I can clearly remember...


Present simple - ćwiczenia

Ćwiczenie 1 - Zdania twierdzące 1. She ___ two languages. a) speaks b) speak . Odpowiedź: She speaks two languages Trzecia osoba wymaga w czasowniku "s " 2. John is a pilot. He ___ a plane. a) fly b) flies Odpowiedź: John is a pilot. He...


I would like to be

I would like to be a doctor, because I like helping people. Especially when they are ill. I like helping children very much. I am fourteen years old and I am interested in medicine. I already know the names of some diseases. My dream is to live...


Przepis na barszcz czerwony po angielsku

„Beetroot soup with raviolis” Ingredients: - 1 kilogram beets - 2 carrots - 2 parsleys - half an celery - salt, pepper - maggi (condiment) - 1 slice of bread - 5 parts of garlic - 1 spoon of sugar - condiments - raviolis - mushrooms...


Narrative Essay, The change in your life

"The beauty of a place" It was year 1985; I was living in Poland at that time with my parents and a sister. I was a young, vivacious and ambitious student who had many friends, a busy life and great parents. I loved my city and the...


Advantages and disadvantages of package holidays

Advantages and disadvantages of package holidays Nowadays travel agencys flood the market with their services. The most popular are package holidays, which are willingly choosen by families, newly wed couples and pensioners....


United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland

It is constitutional monarchy. Monarch is head of state hereditary. Legislative power Populace with 659 places holds two-room parlament: Room, to which chosen members are in road of general elections, as well as Room of Lordów with 1223 places,...


Tekst na temat "Jak powinien zachowywać się uczeń na lekcji języka( i wogóle)."

I think that the first-class pupil on English lessons should stop the secondary school oneself from unnecessary commentaries. I also think that every pupil should take an active part in the lesson and carry orders of the teacher out, since for the...


Dzień Św. Patryka (St. Patrick's Day) - referat/speech

On March 17 everybody is Irish! Saint Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March. It commemorates Saint Patrick, the patron saints of Ireland, and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Saint Patrick's Day is...


Should brutal and violent sports be banned?

Nowadays so many sports exist but not only there are very few sports that do not involve risk taking but they are not also banned. And why should they be? Let’s take as an example box. For instance, boxers know the risks they face, when they...


The story

Unforgettable story Many years ago in a lonely cottage on a small Scottish island was living a girl called Susana. Sometimes she experienced something strange and frightening. One night, as she was lying in bed listening to the wind and...


What social problems are the most serious in Poland nowadays?

UWAGA! To są tylko moje notatki, więc w niektórych miejscach mogą pojawić się jakieś błędy w gramatyce. I think that unemployment is the most serious social problem in Poland nowadays, especially among young people. Many graduates of schools...


My room - opis mojego pokoju

My room is rather big. The walls are orange, but the window and the door are brown. There is a big window in front of door. There are blue curtains in the window. Under the window there is a radiator. The desk is next to the window. There is a...


Saint Andrew's Day - Andrzejki

Tej pracy nie znajdziecie nigdzie indziej, ponieważ dodałem ją tylko do serwisu !! (chyba że ktoś inny to zrobi) ;-) Andrzejki or Saint Andrew's Eve is a traditional festival celebrated in Poland on the night of 30th November since...


Wady i zalety bycia sławnym. Advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

Advantages and disadvantages of being famous. Most people dream about being famous. They want to be admired and loved by fans. The media show rich and fashionable stars and it is believed that their lives are full of happiness and pleasure....


Strona bierna -passive voice

Strona bierna (passive voice) Definicja Podobnie jak w języku polskim tak i w języku angielskim zdania występują w tzw. stronie czynnej (active voice) oraz stronie biernej (passive voice). Większość zdań tworzymy w sposób naturalny w stronie...


List formalny - co to, jak napisać, kiedy pisać, co uwzglednić

List formalny: - jest to list ktory wysyłamy do osob zajmujacych oficjalne stanowiska i osob, ktorych dobrze nie znamy, nie utrzymujemy z nimi kontaktow towarzyskich. Listy skierowane do takiego grona odbiorców charakteryzuje formalny styl oraz...