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Generally speaking, extreme sport is a media term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of danger or difficulty and often involving speed and height. Nowadays people are more and more interested in extreme sports. They don't think about consequences, it's only about the feeling of adrenaline, of freedom... What are the advantages and disadvantages of extreme sports? Let's try to analyse that.

First of all, extreme sports can form character. Fans usually fight with their fear while jumping off cliffs, doing cave exploration or storm chasing. By performing such feats they get to know the limits of their courage and can overcome their mental disabilities.

However, the extreme sports are a source of memorable experiences. They allow people to take a different and original view on the world. The rush or high associated with the activity is due to increased levels of dopamine and endorphins because of the high level of physical exertion. They are connected with happiness and fear so are kind of memories which are more memorable than those knitted with playing ordinary sports.

On the other hand, extreme sports are really dangerous. Fans of these sports risk sustaining damage to their bodies, like broken limbs or permanent damage to internal organs. Also the lack of suitable equipment leads to increase of the risk.

Besides that, in extreme sports common sense can be lost. This kind of activities involves a lot of extreme emotions and risk. People often forget about common sense in case of their personal ambitions, need for adrenaline rush and admiration of the other. They can very easy switch off common sense and balance on the edge of death.

There's also huge problem connected with sports - drugs. Sportsmen often start taking doping, which allows them to compete at the highest level of endurance and for longer. Drugs help them to achieve their dreams, but they forget about their influence on our organism. For example, doping often results in higher blood pressure, an increased risk of heart attacks and, in the most extreme cases, the consequence can be words - death. As we can see, there's no sense in taking drugs or using doping in sports.

To sum up, extreme sports are more and more popular in our society. It’s good to feel the adrenaline for a moment but not for all of time. If we want to practise one of extreme sports, we have to realise how much we risk. In the most extreme situation, we can even lose our life. If I must be honest, I cannot see any sense in risking my health just for fun. I'm totally against extreme sports

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