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21 February 2005, Ostrowiec Św., Poland

Dear Pooh!

My name is Laura. I live in Ostrowiec in Poland. I am sixteen years old and I am in third class of gymnasium. I am writing to you, because you are my favourite fairytale character.
In my free time I like to watch you on video, TV or read books about you. I don’t have all parts of your adventures on video, I have only few of them, but I wish I had more. The ones I have I watch over and over again. I always laugh when you say: think... think. You are funny doing that! I have an older sister and younger brother. They are watching with me your adventures and they like them just like I do.
I like honey and I eat it on my breakfast very often. How about you? Oops, it was a joke! Everybody knows that you sleep with honey and eat it all the time.
I like very much your Grand Pooh’s Adventures on video. I like when all your friends and you fall into mud. You looked then like a swamp monster. Everybody seemed scared but not me. I know that it was you – who else could it be.
Do you remember that when you are scared Christopher Robin cheers you up? I also have a special friend, who is always near me and ready to make me smile. Her name is Justyna. But of course she can’t be always with me. Then, in the night, when it’s dark, I’m afraid that there is a monster under my bed. When it’s so quiet... to quiet for me. I hide under my pillow and blanket and try to forget about it by thinking about something nice. In the morning I always laugh when I think that I was afraid of the wind outdoors.
I think your adventures teach us, kids, to be brave and friendly. You and your friends show us that friendship is the most important thing on the world. What do you like best about your friends? I’m sorry I ask so many questions, that seem easy but really aren’t. I like your friends a lot. They’re so funny – just like you. I bet you couldn’t live without them. You need them and they need you. That’s what friendships depends on – taking care about each other.
I wish I could live in a forest. You can breath fresh air and play on the green grass. But what about school, Pooh? Do you know how much you lose not learning anything? In school you can learn to write and read. Then you could read my letter and write back by yourself. You can meet many friends too! Sometimes it’s boring, but it’s worth it. You can get to know a lot of interesting stuff. Like what are clouds made of? Or why two plus two is four? Or why bears sleep in the winter. But the best part is reading. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep. Then I bring out my book and read until I get sleepy. It always helps!
In the forest, you live in, you don’t have to end college or study to get a good work. Nobody works! You just concentrate on your friend’s happiness.
In the forest, you live in, you don’t have to end college or study to get a good work. Nobody works! You just concentrate on your friend’s happiness. Maybe our world looked some day that way…? But people invented a lot of things. They got ambitious. They started to learn more and more and more. And they never stopped. Now the most important for them is their career and money. They don’t talk about heir feelings. They smile when they are sad. It’s very bad! But there is nothing we can do about it. I don’t have any ideas how to help. Maybe you have? I would be very grateful.
I would like to give you an advice, Pooh. I want you to know that Eeyore needs your help. Why don’t you ever help him build his house? If each of you did a little thing you would do the work much faster and maybe better. Eeyore would be very pleased. Maybe he will even at last smile more often. I guarantee that you and your friends would fell good too. Because isn’t making a friend happy a great feeling?
The same thing is about Rabbit. You keep ruining his garden. He works so hard the whole year and you with your friends (specially Tiger) keep destroying his work. It isn’t a nice feeling – I assure you! I hate when someone comes and with one short little word ruins my work. Just a second ago I was proud, now I’m embarrassed. I’m sad then and I want to cry. I sometimes wonder if other people are really satisfied when others are said by their fault?
Okay Pooh, I’m going to end my letter. I hope you will write back as quickly as you can.


P.S. Say hello from me to Rabbit, Eeyore, Tigger, Owl, Roo and Piglet.
P.S. This is my adress, on which you can write:


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