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My favourite actor - Tom Hanks

There are a lot of famous, talented actors and actress in the world, but my favourite who I like and admire is Tom Hanks. He’s well known all over the world. He was born in 9th July 1956 in Concord, California. Nowadays he’s one of the greatest...


Importance of tourism

Importance of tourism Tourism, nowadays is one of the most popular way of spending free time. It is higly developed in almost all countries, mainly because of material profits it brings. But...


Describe your favourite actor

Ryan Phillippe is the Hollywood actor, who comes from Philadelphia, but now he lives in LA. He is very handsome. He’s rather tall and slim. His eyes are blue. Ryan has got short blonde, a bit curly hair. He has full lips and slim face. He is...


What are the advantages and disadvantages of living with your parents. Poziom FCE oceniony na - A (ok. 180 słów)

Having one’s house and living without parents is often the secret dream of many teenagers. I have been living with my parents for 19 years and I know that in reality, it has both its advantages and disadvantages. There are certainly many...


Maria Skłodowska Curie - biografia po angielsku

Maria Skłodowska Curie was very famous women. She and her husband devoted their lives to Science and radioactivity. In 1903, they won the Nobel Prize for Physic. In 1906, she took her husband's job at Sorbonne in Paris . I like her, because she...


Advantages and disadvantages of watching TV

Television is very popular nowadays. Is the most common source of getting information from the world. Nearly every human have access to a TV. There are a lot of both advantages and disadvantages of watching TV. Beginning from the...


Advantages and disadvantages of tourism

Tourism is the act of travel for the purpose of not only recreation, but also the provision of services for this act. It might occupy local services such as entertainment, accommodation and catering for tourists. It may seem, that tourism brings...


Teścik z J. angielskiego.

1.Wstaw w puste pola There are lub There is ....................a fridge in the kitchen. evercise book under my chair. ......................three CDs on the table. ......................a TV in my bedroom....


Advantages and disadvantages of alternative medicine

Over the past few years people have changed their attitude to conventional methods of treatment and more likely try alternative medicine. Is it only a new trend or maybe the most efficient manner to back on one’s feet? Below I display some...