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My name is Marta. I am from Warsaw in Poland. I am twenty-four years old,
and I am a student. I have got brown hair and blue eyes. I am not very tall.
I am not married, but I have got a daughter. Her name is Patrycja.
She is six years old. She has got brown hair and dark eyes. She is a very beautiful girl.
I do not have any special hobby such as: collecting stamps or practicing sports. I, simply, like to do many things when I have a free time. Sometimes I go with my friends to the cinema or to the disco. Sometimes when the weather is good I go to the place where one may ride on roller-blades. I like it very much, it is an exciting sport. Sometimes I go jogging. During it I have a good time.
When I have spare time, I always try to spend it in the best possible way.

My name is Anna. I am twenty-five years old. I am from Warsaw in Poland.
I have got long fair hair and blue eyes. I am a student and I work in revenue board.
I am married. My husband is twenty-eight years old, and he works as driver. His name is Wojtek. We have got a son. His name is Paweł, and he is three years old. He is very beautiful boy. He has blue eyes with long eyelash, and also fair hair.
When I have a free time I like photography. But I have never thought about it as my hobby. I like take pictures once in a while, usually in summer when
I go to some interesting place. Often I photograph my baby. Usually when
I am at home I learn, read books, watch television or do crossword puzzles. But all my free time I like spending with my family.

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9.10.2011 (14:55)

Jest dużo błędów ja ich nie robię.

27.9.2011 (17:40)

Jest tu trochę błędów, chociaż sama je robię

15.9.2011 (13:15)