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Advantages and disadvantages of using Internet.

Nowadays almost everyone in the world have had a contact with computers. A great part of them has been using international computer’s net known as Internet. I think using internet has more advantages then disadvantages. First of all, Internet...


The person I admire - My mom

I admire some people, but my mom is my reason to live. She is the big hero in my life and I?m going to describe her. Her name is Ewa ???. My mom is a nurse. She loved to help other because she says it was her dream when she was...


List formalny - Compulsoty letter

Temat: You decided to go on a short break to The White Horse Hotel. Unfortunately nothing was as you had been led to expect. Using the notes, write a letter to the hotel manager about the night you spent there. THE WHITE HORSE HOTEL...


My fauvorite film "Shrek"

Film is part of our lives. It is all around us. My fauvorite film is ,, Shrek’’. It is a fantastic comedy for everyone, for kids ,for student ,for old people. What is the story about ? It is about the big green monster who enjoys...


Czasownik modalny - Can

Forma Can przyjmuje tylko jedną formę dla wszystkich osób w odniesieniu czasu teraźniejszego i przyszłego, oraz could do czasu przeszłego. Przeczenie tworzymy przez dodanie partykuły not (cannot (pisane łącznie) - can't, could not - couldn't)....


My holiday - Postcard

Hello Kate! How are you? I'm spending fantastic holiday in London. It's a beautiful city! I'm with my friend - Jack. He's really crazy. He loves playing football. Every day morning we play football. This game is great. The weathre is very good....


Opis ulubionego święta (Christmas)

My favourite time is Christmas because I meet up with my family on the Christmas Eve and I like decorate the Christmas tree. I love a lot of lights and I don't like a ton of decoration on the tree. I have some small glass heart bulbs, a gold star...


Czas Past Simple-ćwiczenia

Exercise 1 Użyj podanych w nawiasach czasowników w czasie past simple. Yesterday we (1)............... (go) to the disco. There (2)............... (be) a lot of people there and we (3)............... (have) a lovely time. We (4)..................


Presentation - how the global warming will change the world in the future?

I am going to talk about what the global warming is, how it will change our world in the future and make sure if it is a fact. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth caused by greenhouse effect ? that is...


Advantages and disadvantages of online relationships

Advantages and disadvantages of online relationships Nowadays a lot of people treats Internet as an enjoyable way of spending their free time. They use it for finding informations, sending e-mails, e-learning, and finally for having...