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E-mail o wybranym mieście

Hello Blanca! How are things? I hope you are well. I'm very sorry I haven't written for so long. I'm writting to tell you that I'm in Wrocław with my sister. We go for shopping everyday. Wrocław is a really hugh city and there are a lot of...


About me

I'm Karolina. I'm a student and I live in a  flat in Łódź with my family. I travel to my university every day. I have lessons every morning, and in the afternoon I usually study in the library. I work hard but I also have a lot of fun...


List prywatny - uniwersalny przykład.

Hi Tom, First of all I would like to thank you for your letter. It was nice to hear from you. I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but I was very busy at school. I had a biology test. How are you?I'm fine.You know what? I have...


A story about an incident during holiday trip - an unexpected event - Opowiadanie o wydarzeniu z wakacji - niespodziewane wydarzenie

A trip to Spain dreamed of for centuries. Sunny, narrow, cobbled streets, lovely old buildings sharing with you their spirit, passionate Spaniards. I've always loved the sun, golden beaches, blue sea and ciszchy sound of waves breaking on the...


A story about a walk in the mountains - a story about a bear - Opowiadanie o wyprawie w góry - opowiadanie o niedźwiedziu

It was May, school things slowed down a little bit. Jane and Tom decided to get some rest and fresh air, and therefore rented a room at a hotel in the Alps. We are very glad that they will be able to escape from the problems of Plymouth. They also...


A spooky story - Straszne opowiadanie

It was Halloween and we were poprzebierani. We went from house to house, hoping that people will open the door. We went fairly well, but the evening was over. Hanna and I, being the oldest, we divided all we got equally and gave each his plot....


A description of a day at school - Opis dnia w szkole

On Monday, lessons begin at 8:00. I go to school by bus. I am waiting for a friend near the bus stop and we go to school together. The first lesson is geography. I really like geography, but it is difficult to concentrate at this early hour of the...


A dangerous adventure - opowiadanie

A year ago, I and my family went on a vacation to ski in Austria. We stopped in a small Austrian town where it was little more than hotels and ski lifts. There were also with us my two friends and their parents. Every day we used to eat breakfast...


Być dzieckiem celebryty - rozprawka za i przeciw

Star. We all know them. Some of them have children. Has anyone ever wondered that it's like to be a child of Angelina Jolie or Johnny Deep? Is it comfortable? Firstly, these kids can have whatever they want. Everyone dreamed of going to...


OpisTatrzańskiego Parku Narodowego po angielsku

The Tatra National Park General information The Tatra National Park is one of 23 national parks in Poland. He is situated in the southern part of Poland, in the Lesser Poland province, on the border with Slovakia. He was created on the legal...