Pros and cons of keeping animals in zoos.

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Should animals be kept in zoos? It is hard to decide for me whether it is good or bad. Keeping animals in zoos does indeed have a lot of advantages.
Firstly, animals are provided with food and water. They must not worry about it. In zoos, the endangered species are protected. If it weren't for zoos, the great panda-one of the endangered species would be extinct now. Animals have a chance to breed freely.
In addition people have a chance to see various animals of the world. Also, people get to know a lot about life of animals.
On the other hand keeping animals in zoos is a disadvantage. Animals live in cages. After living in capivity for a long time, the lose their instinct. The climate, they are forced to live in , does not suit them.
Animals do not have a chance to live in their habitat. The should live between plants. Sometimes, animals have bad conditions of living and they suffer a lt because the live alone.
In conclusion, I thinh keeping animals in zoos has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Part of animals live in zoos and they always will. Zoos have become their home.

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może świetny tekst to nie jest - ale przyklady są całkiem ok gdyby je inaczej w słowa ubrać.

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