Advantages and disadvantages of package holidays

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Advantages and disadvantages of package holidays

Nowadays travel agencys flood the market with their services. The most popular are package holidays, which are willingly choosen by families, newly wed couples and pensioners. In spite of having multitude advantages package holidays have some bad sides.
First of all, you will know with a reasonable degree of certainty what the total cost of the holiday will be. Your flights, accomodation, meals and entertainments are included in the price. Another thing is that many packages offer facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, bars, children cluds and activities such as cycling or tennis, so you will not get bored during your trip. What is more there are now a wide number of tour operators offering details to almost every corner of the world. You can spend your holidays on Sri Lanka, Caribbean, Maldives or Egypt.
At the same time package holidays have a number of disadvantages. To start with, you basically spend most of your time in the resort complex, so some of the more appealing tourist locations might go unvisited. It also means that you are stuck with whatever the hotel offers which might be very good or might be not so good. However, the worst thing that might happen when you choose package holidays is that you can be cheated by travel agency. After you get to the destination country it may appear that your accomodation have not been paid or the hotel standard is not on the level that you expected.
On balance, it seems that package holidays have both advantages and disadvantages. They offer comfortable and carefree way of spending a leave, but they also have some drawbacks that people often tend to forget about.

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