Advantages and disadvantages of being famous

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It is widely believed that famous people have a wonderful life with no worries or problems. But is being famous so easy?

The greatest advantage of being famous is that celebrities are usually very rich so they have easier life than other people. They live in beautiful houses maintained by housekeepers, gardeners, cooks and other servants. They do not have to worry about paying bills, can afford the best clothes and drive the latest models of fast cars. What is more, they spend their holidays in expensive resorts, get the best hotel rooms and the most efficient service.
Secondly, when you are famous, your name is known by everyone. Then, you are invited to the best parties and meet other celebrities. Your fans send you letters to tell you how much they admire you.
However, being recognized by everyone in the street can be annoying. Famous people have no privacy, paparazzi try to photograph them all the time, people stop them in the street, asking for an autograph.
Fame carries also worry about your own safety and the safety of your family. There is always a danger that a crazy fan may try to kidnap or kill you or your children, so it is necessary to employ bodyguards.

All in all, fame may be nice but not an easy thing to live with. You have money but you do not feel safe, you have friends and fans but you can never be sure if they like you for who you are or for your money.

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14.4.2007 (11:05)

Tekst jest konkretny i bardzo dobry.

4.4.2007 (12:52)

Bardzo ładna i dobra praca na poziomie maturalnym:) taka właśnie rozprawka:) super

5.2.2007 (17:02)

wlasnie tego tematu szukalem chociaz zaczerpnalem z niego wstep i argumety

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