E-mails or letters – which are better ?

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Ten years ago, e-mails were not very known in our homes, but only in bigger Companies. Our grandmothers, aunts, even mothers communicated with people from other cities by letters. So why now, in XXI century, we – young people, do not know what is better? Let’s see.
Time is very important for us, sometimes we haven’t got it too much. We can send an e–mail at a time which suits us. We do not have to worry about formal style or grammar. Next argument is that we know immediately what it is about from the ‘Subject’ box. We can also send a movie or mp3 in e-mail like an attachment. However not everyone checks their ‘Inbox’ regularly so they may miss an important messages [sometimes we can unfortunately delete messages]. And nobody cares about correct spelling. How we hate reading wrong written messages.
Although almost everyone has Internet, letters are not dead. It is so nice to open a drawer and find old letter from best friend or family. We also learn how to good write in our language, develop spelling. And there is one important point, letters will not die, never, because people will remember about them. On the other hand, we have to write very clearly so that our friend could read what we had written before. Than we have to go to a Post office, to send it. And we know, how lazy we are.
On balance, I would say that e-mail is a good invention, nevertheless letters are very old form to communicate with somebody else from other city, even country. E-mails will never replace traditional letters. They are just another electronic newness.

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