What’s better, to send an e-mail or traditional letter?

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Lately all over the world there?s general tendency to communicate by e-mails rather than traditional letters. But is it really better to receive brief, laconic massages then beautifully written letter?
On the one hand e-mails are faster way to send urgent messages, especially if someone shares an important interest. We also don?t have to worry about what to write because we could use ready- made template. Additionally while we have friend in the other country it?s cheaper and faster to communicate by e-mails.
On the other hand if we want to send some ceremonial invitation we still use letters. And we always enjoy when we see of one?s own hand written envelope. Consequently we find it very difficult to invent a nice letter.
To sum up, today e-mails are definitely more useful, easier to write and to send. In spite of it we spend more time on traditional letters they are still welcome and give a pleasure for addressee.

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