E-mails or letters?Which is better?

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E-mails or letters-which are better?
That question is the most interesting one, since the Internet was invented.E—mails are very modern way of communicating.It is used by millions of people all over the world.
First argument for writing E-mails is a fact, that we can send and receive them at the time which suits us.What is more, we do not have to worry about formal style- we can use many different, sometimes funny abbreviations, for instance 4u (for you) :-D
Last but not least: you know immediately what is the topic of your mail, reading a Subject Box.It helps very much, especially whem I’m too lazy to read the whole message.
Naturally, there are some minuses. First one, which involves many people: not everyone checks their mais regularly, so there’s a possibillity that they may misss an important message. I also used to check my mailbox twice a month, when i did not have a broad-band connection to the Internet.
Secondly, nobody cares about correct spelling and punctuation..Sometimes it gets on my nerves.
Not only these features are the my opinion mails are not usually worth saving, whereas you can keep letters and look at them later.
On balance, I would say that mails and many other Internet communicators, like GG or Skype (the best one) can easily replace popular letters or phone. And that’s the way the Internet comes to power.
written by Chris Swyetoslawsky

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