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1.Punctuation marks

! – exclamation mark
? – question mark
. – full stop / period
, – comma
; – semi-colon
: – colon
’ – apostrophe
‘’ – single quotes / single quotation mark
“” – double quotes / double quotation marks
- – hyphen

– – dash
() – brackets / parentheses

2.Find and correct the punctuation mistakes in this work.

Harrods is Londons’ most famous department store. You can buy almost anything there and its one of the landmark’s of London? people come to eat at it’s restaurants and look round its’ 214 departments But not everyone comes to buy many of the people who go there just enjoy looking at the enormous range of goods on display – and at the other customers

3.This paragraph has no punctuation. Add the necessary punctuation.

Every Tuesday Friday and Saturday in our part of the city theres an open-air market in the main square which everyone goes to Farmers come in from the countryside to sell their fresh vegetables and fruit Other stalls sell all kinds of things cheese jeans fish and even second-hand furniture Its almost impossible to carry on a conversation above the noise and shouting as customers push the way to the front trying to attract the stall-holders attention an demanding the ripest freshest fruit or the lowest prices

Good luck!!!!!!! :)

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