The best day of my life

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I can still remember the best moments in my life, especially one summer day in 1999. I attended nursery school and I had the most beautiful voice of all the children, therefore I took part in the special festival of preschool songs.
While I was entering the building, I began to feel more and more nervous. Then I saw a huge stage and other bustling competitors. While the first participant was intoducing himself my hands were shaking becouse of stress. He sang really lovely, and I was afraid that I discredited our school.
When I going on the scene my heart was pounding very fast. I set off down the stage and all the faces looked at me. I could hear my shallow, irregular breath. I was repeating words of my song when the music was filling all room. Before I started to sang everbody had encouraged me thunderous applause. After I had finished, all competitors joined me and waited for the results.
I was really suprised when I heard that I won this competition. Overjoyed I took a gold goblet with a broad grin on my face. I had never felt so happy and proud in my life.

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