1. Computers 2. Pros and cons of renting a flat 3.The best day of my life

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1. Computers are very important in our life. There’re everywhere, in homes, schools, offices and shops. Computers make our work easier. Thanks to computers doctor can better people in hospitals also.
Computers are very useful for people who work in offices, students and for children who want to have fun. The best advantage of computer is that we can use Internet by comp. We can send and receive e-mails, chat, do shopping, download songs and films, looking for information and news. We’re keeping in touch with our family and friends.
There are also disadvantages of using computers. We are threatened by viruses or ex. pedophiles also. What is more, computers are also unhealthy for our eyes and spine. It can be reason of our headaches. When we use computer long, we do not move and we become obesity.
To sum up, computers are very important in our life. I can not imagine my life without computer now. I can that computers can be useful but we should use it in responsible way.

2. Nowadays renting a flat is very popular especially for young people who study in cities far away from their homes and families.
There are advantages and disadvantages of renting a flat.
First of all renting a flat is cheaper than buy home and more comfortable than life in academic. If we get bored it become be unneeded we can resign of it. There are bad sides of renting a flat too. We are dependent of owner. He can evict us from flat or push up our rent. Flats are less comfortable than our own homes, we have less place. We can’t also make a party because nois can intrude to our neighbours. In other hand our neighbours can like night life style and they can introduce to us. In my opinion renting a flat is very convenient for young people who don’t want to commute to school. But families should to have their own home if they have a money.

3.When I see some dance programs on the TV it always bring back memories from my early age. It was unforgettable. I have been practicing dancing since I was 5 years old. I had trials 3 times on a week for 2 hours on a day. I was very tired but it was my big passion. I was very eagerness to do that. When I was 9 years old mrs Nowak who was my dance teacher prescribed me and my partner on dance competition. I was very excited but on the other hand I was dreadful too. I was very shy and stupid so when I thought about spectators who will look at me I was close to resign. On the day of competition I began to feel more and more nervous. My heart was pounding fast. When they read my name my body was shaking. I was dancing as good as I can and it was worthwhile I didn’t win but I had honor prize. Everybody congratulated me. It was one of the best days of my life. I had never been so proud.

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