The most embarrassing day of my life

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I remember the day which was such a disaster. Now I wish I had been more careful.
The night before I had been to a rehearse for my and my friend’s show which was for the end of primary school. Finally the rehearse finished at 9pm. Then I and the best bunch of people went to Agnes’s house. We stayed there about 3 hours. Then I went home quickly. My parents was angry for me because I came home too late. I remember I went sleep on about 3pm. The next day I forgot that my mum went to work earlier so she didn’t wake me up, but finally I catched the bus at 7.45am. I was very, very tired and I was yawning all the time. I wish I had stayed in bed. I was in school at 8.00am, but the door of cloakroom was locked! So I had to wait for someone who could opened the door for me. At 8.10am I went to my class.

It was a geography lesson. So I said to teacher “Sorry I’m late” and went to my desk, but suddenly I stumbled of my friend’s bag and I fell on my friend name’s Maciek!! What’s more it is the most handsome boy in my class!! I become red like a beetroot and all class bursted out laughing!! My friend’s were laughing of me for next week. I felt horrible. I wish I had stayed home. It was the most embarrassing day of my life.

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