Do you think technology and media have made cultures around the world more similar? How?

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Centurys ago people wanted to have their own culture. They tried to be independent of other tribes so they had different languages and traditions. Nowadays these differences have disappear and situation has changed.
In my opinion technology and media have made different cultures more similar just because they are everywhere the same. Thanks of Internet and other mass media news from many domains can spread very fast and anyone can use them. Big corporations have their branch offices in many countries so they can produce more and sell their branded goods everywhere.
Although we live in different countries we all have the same aspirations and dreams. Nowadays in times of Internet and mobile phones we can forget about borders and easily connect with people and change informations.
Everyone has easy access to the sources of wisdom and joy like television, books, movies and Internet so cultural differences disappear because of influence of other countries culture.
To sum up, it does not matter who we are and where we live. We get informations from the same source, have the same media and technology. Take it clear: we are one big nation speaking different languages connected by media.

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