Women and men should be allowed to do the same job. What do you think?

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Nowadays in western cultures women are regarded as nearly equal as men in many aspects of life. But in fact the men are those who created the whole system, culture and who caused the industrial development and this makes parity with men only theoretical. There are still very arguable topics like whether men and women should be allowed to do the same jobs, which I’m going to develop.
Every single human is equal. There cannot be any doubt that we are free and can do what we want. So why we cannot do the same jobs? Employers more often than not offer jobs to men (however, doing this, they are breaking the low). It’s true that men are stronger and sturdier, which makes them better employees, but it could be a point only while talking about manual works. Worse still, women at the same position and with the same education earn less money than men. I think it’s not fair.
Something else to bear in mind is women can be better in jobs, that are said to be manly. For instance, we are better drivers and we cause fewer road accidents, so we would be better chauffeurs than men. But on the other hand, there are professions, like miner or babysitter, which are typical appropriately for men or women.
Summing up, I think that women and men should be allowed to do the same jobs. We have fought for this for over 100 years and we properly deserve this. Saying this I’m sure, that we would take advantage of this right within reason.

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