Review – ‘Oskar and the Lady in Pink’

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?Oskar and the Lady in Pink? is a best-selling novel written by a famous French writer ric-Emmanuel Schmitt. It?s on the world?s list of bestsellers. It isn?t surprising that everyone marvels at this novel. We also know films and shows based on this book.
The book tells a story of a ten year boy with terminal cancer. During his 12 last days of life he experiences taste of life. Every hour is like one year. Oskar plays this game with Mamie Rose. She encourages him to write letters to God and telling him about his life. Thanks to that he spends joyfully the time which is left to him and isn?t afraid of death. Oskar matures very fast and his observations are surprising although he knows about the world not much. But Oskar and Mamie Rose's friendship gives them both a lot. They learn an important value from each other.
I must admit that I am fascinated by the novel. The plot is very believable, moving, heartbreaking, but also a bit sad. ?Oskar and the Lady in Pink? is written in a very simple language but including valuable contents. What I like most about the book are the dialogues full of humor. This book makes us think.
?Oskar and the Lady in Pink? is well worth reading. Everyone can find something for themselves there. It is thought to be to children, although adults enjoy it, too. I can thoroughly recommend this book. It can change the way you think about life. Read and find out! You won?t regret it!

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