Music of the young

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Before the Beatles, there had Bern no music addressed directly to young people. The radio broadcaster mawkish, sentimental songs which were lacking in naturalness, sincerity and vigor. The Beatles offered the young generation something new, fresh, spontaneous and complete different from anything else in from and delivery. That was a real turning point in the history of British music. At the same time the Beatles caused a revolution in youth culture. Their innovative music symbolized the rejection of the ideas and morality of the older generation. Young people immediately to treat it as their own music which expressed their experiences, joys and sorrows. They suddenly realized that they did want to be lectured any more; they wanted to be the power, the energy and the generation witch had something important to say.
Although many people feel that no group since the Beatles has achieved the same excellence, some groups stood out in the 1960s. One of them was the Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones were deliberately provocative and anti-establishment. Their public behavior was rude and shocking. The group?s most popular hit ?I Can?t Get No Satisfaction? fully summarized their philosophy of fustation, decadence and ferocity. Their uninhibited music contributed to the development of Britain?s alternative society.
Another artist considered as the most original British musician after the Beatles and Rolling Stones in the late 1960s was David Bowie. His early songs reflected the feelings of frustration and loneliness experienced by many young people at that time. There is no denying that Bowie with his many surrealistic costumes and ?images? exerted a strong influence on the entire generation of rock?n?roll stats.
In the 1970s, ock seemed to lose its almost revolutionary power. Still, many groups and artists became very popular, among others Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Genesis, Yes or Electric Light Orchestra.
Nowadays there are so any different types of music and oups that it is almost impossible to list them all. The more recent styles are egger, rap, heavy metal, hardcore, hip-hop or trance. Because of this variety, it is sometimes difficult for have lost of fans or to stay long in the list of best-selling records.
The latest style which enjoys great popularity among young people is techno music. Contay to rock, techno is not the expression of any rebellion but rather a from of relaxation and approval for technology and automation. Techno parties, often called cyberparties, are held in big discotheque halls and attract hundreds of young yuppies wearing plastic mantles, fluorescent T-shirts and silvery boots. The main motifs of techno telediscs are robots, space craft and computers. The music is eneated by means of synthesizers and samplers, and saturated with the sounds of military commands or the oal of engines. The fans of techno claim that kind of music helps liberte serotonin, a hormone of happiness. They believe that rock has the opposite effect ? it stimulates the body to geneate adenaline which causes anxiety and aggression.

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