Imaginative Fiction - Bajka. About a girl and how she helps a deer

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Kelly was walking through the forest at the crack of dawn, to bring food to Tinki. It was very misty that morning. The morning dew sat on the stunning lilies and twinkled like crystals. Kelly?s dress had got damp from the bottom. As soon as Kelly spotted Tinki?s house she ran with excitement. She loved to laugh and play with her friend Tinki the deer. Tinki was so beautiful with her luminous and sparkly eyes, and her soft chocolate fur. Kelly knocked on the door and Tinki opened it.
?Well, hello, come in come in,? said Tinki with excitement.
?I brought you some food,? replied Kelly.
?Ohh thank you how can I ever repay you??
?You previously did with your kindness and love.?
?Well that?s not what I mean.? Said Tinki
At Tinki?s house Kelly and Tinki had breakfast outside in the pleasant garden were the butterflies flew around so gracefully and magically. The butterflies were blue, pink, purple, and some even had sparkles. There was always a family of rabbits the Fronners living in Tinki?s garden. There were very cute with their tiny brown and pink ears and soft fur that kept them warm in the winter. And that lovely little tail of theirs so cute and fluffy. It looked like a snow ball with sparkles. The blue jays flew over head and landed on the sweetgum tree. That stood there strong and still never moved in the wind.
After breakfast Kelly and Tinki went for a little stroll to pick some blue berries and flowers. Kelly found a magnificent Ixia. It was pink with a burgundy center. Kelly and Tinki pick a couple of them and went on to find more flower to put on the table. Kelly and Tinki were talking about how Tinki doesn?t want to rely on Kelly so much and how she finally wants to be able to afford to get food by herself.
Kelly had a wonderful time at Tinki?s. On Kelly?s way home she stopped when a pot of gold magically appeared a step in front of her. She walked over to it and read the note attached. It said ?I am gladly to present his pot of gold to Kelly at the address One Rainbow Lane Crystal Lake, Happy Land.? Kelly was in total shock she didn?t know what to do. She wondered about who have left it there. She had an idea to carry it home and the next morning to share it with Tinki so she can buy food. Later that day she started to think, about what she can buy if she could have the money all to herself. She now wanted to keep the gold but wasn?t a hundred percent sure about her decision. She decided to go to sleep.
The next morning like every morning she skipped down the road through the woods to Tinki?s house. She had a big smile on her face and a happy song to go along with it. She sang and skipped sang and skipped. Unluckily today was different she skipped to Tinki?s house but this time with a pot of gold in her hands, happy to help her best friend in the world.

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