Describe the house of your dreams

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There are plenty of different houses in the world. I know: a villa, a block of flats, a farm, a hut, a skyscraper or a tent. In the old days people lived in the castle or in the palace. They were knights or very rich men. Young people like living in the camper during holiday. The houses are made from stones, clay or cement. Nowadays people return to build wooden houses. They are very healthy and beautiful but they are said to be very easy whit fire.

Now I am going to describe the house of my dreams. It should be in the suburb of the big city, at the edge of a small forest. I would like to build two meters wall around my property. I would drive into though an automatic gate. In my dreams avider avenue whit linden trees on each side leads me to my home. Next to the house there is a garage for my cars. I get off my car and I can see a beautiful juicy green grass around my house. The trees, which we planted which my family are quite high. I like fir trees very much so I take care of them. My husband likes larches very much and they are favourite trees. Our dear maid Clara loves flowers and they are grooving on flower bed in front of my terrace.

My house is not a high building. It is based on “U” letter. There are many big wooden windows in white walls. The roof is sleep and brown. Now the little bell invites us home. We are in very cosy wide hall with the fireplace. It is the most important place at my home. The whole family meet here after our busy day. I have nice modern kitchen with all the machines helping with kitchens works. The dinning room is in sunny colours and we can go out the balcony when there are hot days.

In the western part of the house are the bedrooms. Each bedroom has got its own bathroom. The children wanted to have a shower in their bathrooms.

My bedroom is a beautiful and light place. The furniture is made of pine with yellow and brown material. My favourite place in the bedroom is a wardrobe. There are plenty of dresses and suits and smart shoes in different colours. I have got so many hats. I could organize a very interesting exhibition. It is very important for me to have the best cosmetics. There are a lot of small bottles of perfumes on my dressing table. When I look out the window from my bedroom I can see a beautiful view of glittering lake.
Next to my bedroom is a kingdom of my little daughter. She is six years old and she loves Barbie very much so her room is pink like a candy. She has got all of Barbie tots.

I like my house very much and my family like spending time together. We meet at dinner tome in our dinning- room and these are very happy moments when we talk to each other about our passing day.

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