The Best Mum of the Year

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I don`t remember the time I first sam my mother because I was very small then. It was in a hospital - the 14th of February 1985.
My mother is medium high and slim. She is in her early 40s. She has got an oval face, friendly, clear, green eyes, straight nose and delicate pink lips. When she smiles, there are dimples on her cheeks. She is usually wears loose - fitting trousers and jumpers.
My mum is very understanding and she always tries to tolerate my opinions. She is affectionate and accurate, but she she can be absent - minded at times, especially when somebody throws her out of balance.

She has many hobbies. She likes reading books and watching films on authentic facts.
My mother is a fantastic woman. I am happy that she is with me in difficult moments of my life and she always tries to help me. I know that I can always rely on my mum and I`ll be grateful for the advice and support she`s giving me whenever I need it.

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