Letter to the Editor (commenting on how women combine having children with work)

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with reference to the article commenting on how women combine having children with staying in work published in one of your latest issue and would like to share my views with other readers.

To begin with, I totally agree that an increase in nursery provision would be a great facilitation for mothers who want to return to their work, after giving birth to a child, as far as it is possible. Furthermore, greater nursery provision will not only make the workforce more efficient but also will create the possibility for women to pursue their careers.
However, I am strongly opposed to the idea that it will be an educational advantage for very young children because, in my way of thinking, the parents are the best teachers for their children in their pre-school years. At the age of 6 months children aren't able to learn by themselves so each one of them would need to be taken care of individually, which is virtually impossible if there are thirty children to look after by only a few people.
Moreover, babies feel that they are taken care of and that their parents love them, which is very important at this stage of upbringing. I hope you will not take amiss what I am going to say, but don't you think that children need their mothers at any age? At the age of 6 months, although they don't need to be brest fed, they still need the warmth that only their parents can give them.

To sum up, I do agree that increase in nursery provision across the country would facilitate returning to work for career pursuing mothers and in that way make the workforce more efficient but the children need to have their mothers close in their early years to learn and experience their love to grow up as self-confident and good people.

I am looking forward to seeing my letter published in one of the next issues of your newspaper.

Yours faithfully


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