Discuss the adventages and disadventages of living in the large city.

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For ages people live in big cities and villages. It's said that life in a big cityis easier than in a village. I want to concetrate on advantages and disadvantages of living in a large city.

Firstly, there are a lot of shops in a city, so you can do shopping easily. When I forget to buy bread I can go downstairs and buy one. When I need to do something with my hair I can make on appointment at the hairdresser's. It's very useful especially before the New Year'S Eve. In a big city you can find a lot of enterteiment. You can't be bored. You can go to the cinema or discos. What's more. A young boy or girl can choose suitable school for themself. You can also make friendship with new people. Futhermore, not only teenagers but also adults can develop their interests.

On the other hand there is a big traffic jam, which causes that you have to wait for hours in a long line. This traffic jam causes that the air in a city is polluted and sometimes when it is very hot people have problems with breathing. People live in apartment buildings, which are very often expensive.

To sun up, in my opinion it is better to live in a village and commute to a big city in order to use all the things which one is interested in.

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