Advantages and disadvantages of being a student

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First of all, when you are learning, you do not have to work.
Moreover, you must not worry about your family, about money. Your parents are doing it for you. You are concentrating at lessons.
In school, you can meet many interesting people. You meet they every day on breaks.

What is more, you do not have to be responsible. You can sometimes make mistakes.
School organizes many departures. You can go with class to cinema; theatre or you can go to other towns or in mountains. In these trips, you will have much fun. Many interesting things can happen at school trips.
Besides, school teaches us many important things. We must manage in embarrassing or hopeless situations. When we are in terrible plight, we must be in full control of the situation. Nobody can help us. We learn how keep it under control.
When you late to school, teacher will pay you attention. When you late to work, chef probably will dismiss you.

On the one hand, life in school is interesting, but on the other hand, it has some disadvantages.

First, you have to learn so much. You have not enough time for other things when you are learning.
What is more you must pass horrible exams. It is very stressful.
The most terrible is get up when the morning breaks. You might be all day so sleepy.
Sometimes in school, you can meet toxic people. With they, you might have a hard life.

All in all, I think prefer being a student. Life in school is sometimes hard to tolerate, but is better than life in adult world. It seems to me; more young people prefer school life.

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