A visit to a place I will always remember.

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All over the world, there is one place which I want to visit and which I'll always rememmber.
This place is the most famous monuments in Britain- it is Stonehenge.
It is a group of enormous stones situated on Salisburg Plain in the south of England. It was built between 2000B.C. and 1400B.C and many of the original stones are still standing today.
There're two main circles of stones, one inside the other- In the centre, the stones are in a horseshoe shape around a central block. The whole monument issurrounded by a ditch.
Some of the stones weigh 50 tonnes. They were brought to the area from a distance of 30 km.
No one is sure why Stonehenge was built. Some people say it was used as a temple to worship the sun and that the block in the centre was an altar. But archeologists now think that it was an astronomical observatory to study the movements of the sun, moon and stars.
For me, it is a fantastic and incrediblemonument which I want to visit in the near future.

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