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1. What would be your perfect holiday adventure? - jaka była twoja idealna wakacyjna przygoda.

Niedzica is a small village in Góry Pienińskie in southern Poland. Last spring me and my friends decided to go there for a weekend, to rest and to see beautiful landscapes. the closeness to Slovakia and great ski runs make Niedzica a wonderfull place to visit. We stayed at a small hostel near Niedzica. The weather was great all the time. The sun shone brightly, the wind blew gently and the trees bloomed. The water in the lake glittered and spurred to bathe. However, it was too cold. On the first day in Niedzica we wandered in the mountains. We hiked Trzy Korony Mountain and admired glamourous views. Our visit to Niedzica was a very interesting experience. We felt completely relaxed when we arrived home. You really ought to visit Niedzica as it offers entertainment for everyone.

2. Is there a generation gap in your family?

Generation gap is a very common phenomenon in our life. It’s something that has always arisen and will arise between children and their parents.There are many reasons for generation gap. Young, growing up people want to be more independent but adults prohibit them doing many things: they don’t let them go out late, wear the clothes they like, they give too little money and make their children learn. These things are very often causes of quarrels between adults and the young. Adults don’t realize that the young don’t want to be still under control - they make choices for them, solve their problems, buy clothes and force political opinions to upon them. Another thing is that sometimes teenagers can’t choose a career path themselves - they have to do what their parents want, because they have money and pay for them. In my opinion parents should limit their children’s freedom, because most teenagers are not resourceful enough to decide for themselves. It is a normal thing that without my parents, their permissions, prohibitions and advice my life would be hard. But sometimes parents aren’t right - then we should talk to them, explain what they do wrong and what they ought to change.

3. The role of music in our life – Rola muzyki w naszym życiu.

Most people like music. We can hear music everywhere - at home, at school, at the work, on a bus. I want to tell what is the role of music in my life? My favourite music bands are The Offspring, Hey and T.Love. When I’m sad or I have to think about something important I listen to calm music. Generally I listen to many different kinds of music but I prefer rock music. We listen to music on trips or during journeys frequently. We like listening to music from walkmans during travels. When we sit next to the fire we usually dream about the sound of guitar. Generally speaking, in my opinion, music is necessary in our life, helps us in many domains of our life and often makes us remember about what happened a long time ago. It helps to calm our nerves very frequently. I think that everyone listens to some kind of music and life without music would be very boring.

4. What are the best ways to study foreign language?

English is very useful language. I think that everybody in the world should speak in English. It’s a difficult language. I think that the most important thing to learn in English is pronunciation. It’s very important to speak correctly, because somebody couldn’t understand you. I have been learning English for the last eight years and I know that the best way to learn pronunciation is talking and reading a lot. The bad thing in English (like in other languages) is that, that you must learn English all your life. The easiest thing in English is learning new words and the most difficult thing in English is grammar but not so important as pronunciation. At the end I must say that it’s difficult to learn English but the most difficult is teaching English.

5. What are the reason of violence among teenagers? – Jakie są przyczyny przemocy wśród młodzieży.

In the period of adolescence young pepole usally define themselves by opposition and rebelion.The reject the values held by their parents and try to live on their on way. Firstly it is commonly believed that most lawbrakers come from pathological families in which they are abused or neglected .Potencial juvenille deliquency often grow up in property. Secondly quite a large number of young deliquents come from rich and respectable family.Why?The problem is that they are spoilt by they own parents who satisfy all they whims but don't teach them responsibility. I'm belived that the only way to prevent juvenille deliquency is lighting young people parent's time,If young people had contact with their parent'e they wouldn't commit crimes .I think it should be more centre of entertainment for juvenile .They can't just get bored.

6. Shopping in small shops or big ones – what do you prefer?

Add to this an adjacent car park where you can wheel your trolley to your car, load your stuff in to your car boot and leave the bascet or trolley nearby to be collected by the store attendant. In this way shopping becomes a pleasure instead of a chore. Supermarkets are convenient beckause they are self - service and apart from goods we can find there a restaurant,a cafe, and a special place for kids to play while their mother are shopping. There i also a possiblity to pay by cheque or a credit card and vouchers avcalable. If something goes wrong with your products, you simply show your recipt and you are given a new one or your money back.
Not to forget about sales and special offers such as "buy one get one free" or "two for the pirce of one" are always found there. One the other hand shopping in supermarkets can be annoying beckause there is a big choice which can cause confusion.

7. Why do we lern foreign languages?

The answer to this question seems to be easy, wanting to give a reasonable answer we should think really hard to do so. There is an unlimited number of answers but let`s concentrate on the most important ones:
First of all, people should learn a language to make friends with people from other countries and a good command of, let`s say, English will enable them to do so. What`s more, English is the language of the future and the main international language, which is widely spoken. So, if we want to make friends or if we want to be a true European - English will help us. Besides, nowadays almost everybody has satellite TV and wanting to understand foreign, original films or programmes, we should know at least foreign language. Secondly, the knowledge of foreign languages is greatly connected with a desire to travel, because if we are able to use any foreign language, we can visit a chosen place alone without an interpreter and do what we want, avoiding being lost. What`s more, fluency of, for example, English will help us in finding and developing a career, after completing full-time education. Knowing a foreign language, we can find a good job, become a businessman or even work with computers, as many computer programmes and instruction manuals are written in English. I think that knowledge of a foreign language is very important, indispensable and useful.

8. Do ypou think watching TV is a waste of time?

People spend a lot of time, watching tv programs. It has become a part of life for many people. It is hard to say is the television good or bad because there is many both advantages and disadvantages of it. I will try to mention some of them. I think, the most important advantage of television is that it is a huge source of informations, knowledge and entertainment. There are plenty of channels with different topics. It provides every kind of information and entertainment: great films, shows, documentaries, science programs, cartoons and so on. You can watch the newest informations from all the world. Watching television can be also great way to spend a free time. It can by also good way to spend evening, watching curious films. From the other hand, there are also many disadvantages on watching television. It become to be very popular and common. Almost everyone has his own tv-set. Their life is depend on tv-schedule. The whole families watches television eating dinner, sapper, spending their free time in this way. Instead of going to the park, wood, to the lake or for a trip. I have show only a few features of television. Watching television can give us many positives things like news, entertainment and knowledge but it can by also dangerous. I watch very rarely television, generally only eating my breakfast or sapper. I am not interested in informations from the world and I have much better ways to spend my free time...ofcourse if I have it.

9. Things which money can’t buy.

In our world money is very important thing. Without money life could be very difficult. But sometimes people forget that there are things more important. Happy family life, love friends money cannot be bought by us. We need to take care of this, because without it we could be very lonely. Sometimes rich people suffer from depression. They don’t have time for pleasure or meeting friends. They don’t know if their friends like them for money or not. I would like not to have financial problems in my life but there are lots of others things which are more important for me than money. People save money because nobody knows what will be in future. But when people have a lot of saved money they feel more secure.

10. What is your vision of the world in 2050?

We must wait for the year 2502 for a long time. I don’t know what the world will look like then. Maybe many things will be mechanized. Life will be very exiting. Technology will be high developed. People will live in houses which will like glass balls. Their cars will be like rockets. The vehicles will be able to drive, float and fly. The foot will be consumed in the form of tablets. The clothes will be made of special substances, similar to metallic material, equipped with air conditioning and heating. People won’t work because everything will be done by robots. Some professions will disappear: car mechanic, secretary, postmen. There won’t be cinemas, because every family will have a private home cinema. Children won’t go to schools, because schools will come to children through the computer mediation. People will tour to other planets and other galaxies. They will be on friendly terms with aliens. Unfortunately landing on the sun won’t be possible. In the year 2502 everything will be different.

11. Tell about your extremaly unlucky day.
It was a normal day nearly five months ago.On 1 st April a new shop was opened by our local presiden . We went there to see this new, big and beautiful shoppingcentre . It was called ‘New World’. We saw thousands of people walking there . They were looking for good prices and watching these new beautiful shops . You could buy there everything you wanted , but most of things were very expensive , so when we finisched our tour in the shop , me and my friends went to the supermarket . Because there was great supermarket too. There were a lot of things on the shelves. It was really unbelievable . I stood with my mounth oppened . I hadn’t seen so much food ever before and everything was so pretty. Chocolate land and a small purple house with many kinds of cupcakes . Fruit cut in diffrent shapes , a big piramid from labsters and a manager of the shop in black suit .But that was only first floor , there were a lot of others , with toys , clothes , things for home and so one . It looked so picturesque that I couldn’t see anything around me . Suddenly when I was standing and standing somebody said very loudly –excuse me !!!!!! I turned around so fast that the glass bottle fell down , but not only one there was next and next . One of them destroyed fancy-cake and one heard manager . I was onlyscreaming and shivering when I heard only : bum , bum – juices , bum , bum –wines bum , bum , ...och God somebody stoped it . I was so scary and embarrassed that I closed my eys . You can only imagine what happend next ....I never went there again , one time it was really enough for me .

12. You have just come back from holiday in Italy. Tell about it.

Last holiday I’ve spent in Italy. It was the best summer time in all my life. I went to this beautiful country by car with all my family. I was living in a great hotel at the coastal. The weather was just glamorous: the sun was shining all the time, the sea was clean and the sand gold. There was a lot of people on the beach every day but it wasn’t a big surprise because there was really hot. Most of our time we have spent on the beach but of course not all the time. We were trying to visit as much interesting places as we only could. So we went to Neapol: old and very beautiful town. We had only two big problems during visiting italian towns: very hot wether and a lot of traffic jams. The wether wasn’t a problem as long as we had been visiting old churches and old castels because there was rather cold. We were in Rome too and in my opinion this is the most beautiful town on the world. Just glamorous!
During our trip we were eating an italian food. For example pizza or spaghetti. The best pizza I have ever ate was in small restaurant in Neapol which was placed next to the beach. It was pizza with a special cheese which is called: mozzarella. I like an italian language very much. Maybe I should start to lern it?

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