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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing on behalf of the principal of the Oldtree College in response to your advertisement published in the local newspaper criticizing the way the college has changed. I would like to express my disapproval regarding style in which the school has been described. I would like to suggest minor alterations which I feel would improve the image of this place.
As a student representative on the executive committee of this college I have had the opportunity to attend a number of lessons. I also gained the knowledge about this place and I would like to offer some suggestions concerning this school.
First of all, your advertisement claimed that the lovely sports pavilion has been removed but in fact the new sports centre is situated next to the city college and students have the opportunity to do variety of sport exercises. Furthermore, your advertisement failed to mention the fact that there was ugly new accommodation block but it is required as there are 70% more students than 15 years ago. Consequently, it is not possible to dispose of it owing to the fact that there are 7.000 students now. Moreover, more than 20% of students are from overseas so we need to ensure them the accommodation and we feel that this is necessary.
As far as the academic standards are concerned, there is higher proportion of students who get top grade than 20 years ago and for this reason we have to follow it. In addition to this, more graduates leave the school with the highest possible grade.
There is information I would like to submit which I feel would improve the standard of the college. The college offers wider range of courses and is more involved with the community by organizing evening classes for retired people. Nevertheless, I feel obliged to inform you that the college has received approval to organize a college reunion to which the graduates of the last ten years will be invited. It will be a social event with a concert and disco. I am convinced you would agree that this event will show changes of college followed during last 20 years.
I hope that these suggestions will be of some assistance. I would be pleased to provide you with any additional information and please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.

Yours faithfully,

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