Speaking test-Future plans- How important is English to your future plans ?

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English is very important for my future plans because I would like to travel a lot in the future. I particularly would like to visit USA. English is widely spoken all over the world by over 2 million people. It is an international language which enables people to communicate in nearly all European countries. Nevertheless, most importantly English is a key to professional success for many young people. I would like to study computing at Gdańsk Polytechnic and both of these fields are extremely related to one another. I do not think it is possible to make any career without proper command of English language both spoken and written. There are many international companies investing in Poland and they search markets for people with good command of this language. Head hunters in Warsaw often say it is extremely difficult to find young trainees with well spoken English. For these reasons I believe that this language is going to be a key to my future. English is international language of informatics so I must know it in the perfect way to be good in my future profession. All professional scientific new is publicized in this language. I want to go to the USA to the Hollywood or Silicon Valley to work as a designer of programs for special effects in films.

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