Which do you prefer more, watching television or going cinema? What sort of programs/films do you like to watch ?

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Generally I don’t like watching television because I’m rather an active person but there are times when I like lying on the sofa and watching TV. I like watching comedies and action films especially. My favorite comedy serial is “swiat wedlug kiepskich” which is one the funniest program I’ve ever seen. I watch it as often as I can. Nevertheless, above all, I prefer going out with my friends to watching television. I often go to the multi cinema in Kosciuszko square in Gdynia where I can watch films on the big screen and listen to truly outstanding sound effects. I saw my first film in this cinema in September, one week after it was officially opened. The film that I went to see was “Gladiator” and it was shown in the biggest room called “panorama”. There is a semi-circular screen and Dolby surround sound system. I think that “Gladiator” was one of the best films I have ever seen and for this reason I have seen it four times already. I think that the soundtrack from this movie is also exceptionally good and I would recommend it to everyone. Generally I am not fond of sitting at home so I prefer going to the cinema.

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