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There are many sorts of entertainment in today’s life. One of them is watching films. Watching film is a very pleasant activity. If you watch a film you don’t have to think a lot - you only look at the screen. All ideas are presented in the film with the aid of pictures, sounds and actors’ playing. It’s different with books. When you are reading, you have to think, use your imagination - you imagine people, things, sounds, landscapes.

There are many kinds of books and films: detective stories, thrillers, travel books, documentaries (documentary books), feature films, romantic films and novels, cartoons. Everyone can find something, that she/he likes best. When you are bored, you can go to the cinema or sit in front of the TV set and watch TV. Some people like spending their free time reading books. but what is better for us, our health and psyche: watching films or reading books? Many films are based on famous books. But most people, who watched the film and after that had read the book think, that it is better to read the book first. They claim that films often don’t include many scenes/things, which were in the book. Many of them are disappointed by the film because actors weren’t good in their roles, special effects weren’t very good, scenery was inadequate.

Another thing is that most books develop our mind but many films, like famous Brazilian soap operas, don’t do it. The advantage of watching films is that we watch a film about 2 hours but we may read a book a few days. We prefer more fascinating impressions in shorter time instead of „wasting” our free time on boring reading.
When we read book we have more time to think about many problems - when we watch a film we don’t have enough time for it.

A lot of us don’t realize that watching films may have bad influence on our eyes. Scientists claim, that often people, who watched films a lot when they were young, have different eyes illnesses. They also warn, that films may present the examples of bad behaviour, which is improper for young people - watching them may be the main cause of committing crimes.

In spite of these disadvantages watching films has also many advantages. A lot of films, for example romantic, feature or travel films may have good influence on our psyche. they may develop our knowledge about the world, sensibility, true love, friendship. This sort of films may give us advice, how we should live and give us true satisfaction.

Summing up I want to expose my opinion that films may give us good entertainment but we shouldn’t forget about books - we are often too lazy to read books, which can be really good and instead of this we prefer watching silly crime series or comedies - it isn’t a good way. We should also remember that films and books develop our brain and have huge influence on our psyche and opinions in many problems. We ought to reflect on, what we watch or read, because whether we lose our time or learn something useful from a book or a film - all depends on us.

with the aid of ... - za pomocą ...
landscape - krajobraz
disappointed - rozczarowany inadequate - nieodpowiednia
wasting - marnowanie improper - niewłaściwy
sensibility - czułość expose - wyrazić

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