The story

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Unforgettable story

Many years ago in a lonely cottage on a small Scottish island was living a girl called Susana. Sometimes she experienced something strange and frightening.
One night, as she was lying in bed listening to the wind and rain, she thought she heard some voices outside. Susana went to the bedroom window and looked out. Suddenly she saw them in the darkness – a young man and a woman, holding hands, walking towards the sea. Susana felt that something was wrong. She quickly got dressed, ran down the stairs and into the garden, but they had disappeared. She climbed down to the beach and called out, but there was no sing of them. Eventually Susana, cold and exhausted, she went back home.
A few days later, she was shopping at the market and saw a the farmer who owned the cottage. Susana told him about mysterious couple and said : ‘ I hope they were all right .’
‘No they’re long dead’ he replied. ‘But they weren’t ordinary visitors. Over two thousand years ago, those two were in great love. But their families were enemies, they extreme dislike each other like cat and dog. They had forbidden lovers from seeing one another, so they made plans to run away. They met in your cottage on the first night in December and tried to cross the sea. Unfortunately their bout was caught in a horrible storm.’ he stopped, took a huge breath and started to continue. ‘I remembered that night. The sea was so stormy, the sky was covered in dark clouds and the lighting flashes were acrossing it one after another. In the morning I heard that they drowned in the icy black waters.’
Susana didn’t believe in the story because she do not believe in ghosts. She smiled politely and went towards the home. But as she was walking, a sudden chill came over her as she realized that the night she had seen them had been the first of December.

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