Gay couples should be allowed do adopt children

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Until recently homosexuality was considered strictly taboo. Today it seems that society has begun to accept same-sex couples and coming out of the closet is no longer exceptional for homosexuals. However, another issue pertaining to homosexuality has become a hot potato: adoption of children by homosexual couples. Homophobic bigots assure us that same-sex couples should not be allowed to do it. They would have us believe that what cannot happen naturally should not happen at all and that gay couples do not serve as a template for their young charges in their formative years. However, what this group fails to acknowledge is that what matters is the commitment to providing a caring family for a child and not the sexual orientation of the parents. Moreover, the argument that it is unnatural is hypocritical, as first of all it is eating food brimful of man-made chemicals, curing cancer or producing medicines prolonging people’s lives that is artificial. Thus, governments should widen the scope of potential adoptive parents by adjusting the outdated laws and allow gay couples to adopt children, since orphans bereft of affection would stand a chance of experiencing love, same-sex couples would be given equal rights and the state would be relieved of the duty to maintain overcrowded orphanages.
To begin with, those who commend the anti-gay approach hold the opinion that homosexuals do not serve as the right template for youngsters. Instead of presenting the traditional model of the family, they lead an unconventional lifestyle which is perceived as worse and even immoral; for many people homosexualism is still perceived as an curable illness. Such arguments are, however, premised solely on bias against homosexuals. By adopting a child, parents, be they gay or straight, give a sense of belonging and love. This is of paramount importance as to establish healthy relationships with others may be a genuine problem for grown-ups who have experienced loneliness in their formative years. What is more, being raised in the orphanage may bring about some misconceptions pertaining to the personal relationships on the part of the orphan. For instance, orphans may learn that negligence of one’s own children is acceptable or the sense of being abandoned may contribute to their feelings of being inferior to others. Thus, it is obvious that what matters most is not the sex of the parents, but the devotion to the abandoned human being.
In addition to the argument pertaining to the default sexual orientation of the parents, adamant opponents of the idea of allowing gay couples to adopt children claim that homosexuals should not be allowed to raise children, as they are in the small minority that do not deserve some of the fundamental rights heterosexual couples have. This, however, fails to take into account the fact that each minority group, be it racial, religious or sexual, demands and deserves parity and these marginal groups are very often deprived of some rights due to legal loopholes which simply ignore them. Therefore, forbidding gay couples to adopt children is tantamount to taking some of the basic rights away and allowing them to adopt children indicates equal treatment.
Finally, the last argument brought to the fore by vociferous opponents of the idea pertains to the money issue. These people believe that if homosexuals were allowed to adopt children, they would probably receive some benefits from the government which are usually given to those who have a baby. But for the traditionalists it is a farcical thing to do as according to them such minorities do not deserve the state money. However, such reasoning is short sighted, as it neglects the positive future ramifications. If homosexuals were allowed to adopt children, the benefit governments would experience would be invaluable. Today most orphanages are overcrowded and they require a lot of money from the state to employ carers and other workers. In the wake of this, governments spend horrendous amounts of money to maintain children’s homes. Obviously, letting homosexual couples adopt children would lighten the government’s load.
In conclusion, all of these arguments demonstrate that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. Adamant opponents of the idea claim that homosexuals may make inroads into the children’s psyche and that it would be far too profound change in our society. However, as has been shown, homosexual parents can not only give some affection to the orphans but also set up a stable and loving family. Moreover, frequently debt-ridden states would be less overloaded if they did not have to maintain so many orphanages as they have to now. As today it is common knowledge that homosexuality is not a disease or abnormality, it should be an imperative for us to change some of our attitudes and laws regarding gay people.

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