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Konstrukcje osobowe i bezosobowe


Konstrukcje osobowe i bezosobowe (Personal and impersonal constructions)

Zdania złożone, w których występują takie czasowniki, jak: believe, expect, know, report, say, think zamieniane na stronę bierną będą występować w dwóch konstrukcjach: People say (that) he is rich. ( Ludzie mówią, że on jest bogaty. ) z podmiotem bezosobowym: It is said that he is rich. ( Mówi się, że on jest bogaty. ) z podmiotem osobowym: He is said to be rich. ( Mówi się, że on jest bogaty. ) Zwróć uwagę na to, że zdania z podmiotem...

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Prepositions apres les verbes - constructions verbales.


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England Architecture Painting Sculpture School St Valentine’s Day Easter HalloweenChristmas Sport and more

with revolutionary France. 1800 - Act of Union created United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, governed by a single parliament. 1914-18 - United Kingdom played a leading part in World War I

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Nataneal West "The Day of the Locust". Tod and Faye- comparison.

Nathaneal West is an important American novelist. He has specific point of view on American society and its behaviors. In the novel The Day of the Locust he describes the Hollywood dream world, and

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Useful phrases and clues for the writing paper FCE, CAE, CPE

writing to express my disappointment with the content of the article, concerning..., published in... I have read the article commenting on the debt problem of developing countries and would like now

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The book review- "Ono"

to her baby. “Ono”, unknown, asexual, impersonal , is becoming an inseparable part of Eve. It teaches her empathy and gentleness, which she has not experienced in the family. “Ono” is a story